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Tree House: The Secret That Could Transform Your Dull and Ordinary Yard

Every millennial has probably dreamt of living in a tree house as a kid. Some had made it come true, but other weren’t so fortunate. But now that we’ve all grown up, maybe we can already make that dream an everyday reality.

Building a tree house is a perfect idea if you’re craving for an outdoor space, but don’t have enough room in your land. Of course, the tree you should build it on has to be sturdy and healthy. Otherwise, you may risk your safety.

If a tree house building project intimidates you, worry not, because it’s pretty DIY-friendly. A pro’s involvement may be necessary in some parts, but if you’re a skilled and experienced builder, you can most likely pull off the project all by yourself.

That said, let’s gather all the reasons to build a tree house, and everything you need for the project.

Getting Close to Nature

Every time we build a structure on the ground, a portion of the land gets stripped off. It may not look like a big deal if it’s just a few square feet, but immense acres of land are stripped off each day for various construction projects. Simply put, you’re contributing to nature’s destruction if you build another dwelling on your land.

But if you build a tree house, you won’t be touching the land, therefore preserving nature. You’ll discover how a tree supports a structure, invoking feelings of awe. And if you sleep in your tree house, it would feel rejuvenating to wake up to the song of the birds and rustle of the leaves.

You’ll get close to nature in a way you’ve never been before. The experience won’t compare to the short camping and hiking trips you’ve had. Inside a tree house, you can completely be yourself and recall your childhood imaginations. For example, every time wind rocks the tree house, you can imagine that you’re actually in the middle of the sea.

Perfectly Customizable

Though a structural engineer is needed to ensure that your tree house’s design is feasible, all the other aspects of the project can be fully controlled by you. You can decide on the way it looks, the vibe it will emit, the size, the materials, and furnishings. A team of professionals will then help you achieve your project goals.

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If you decide that you’ll just make your tree house your primary residence, you’ll enjoy cheaper costs living. You would no longer pay hefty rents, or save up for a high-maintenance home. A tree house can also be installed with plumbing, electrical, and insulation systems, making it a perfectly habitable place.

Materials Are Inexpensive but Durable

Since you won’t be using a lot of structural beams, concrete, and other materials for a conventional house, building a tree house will be significantly cheaper. Everything that you’ll need are floor joists, steel rods, washers, nuts, and posts for the base.

For the rest of the structure, you may choose any material that you find most visually pleasing or durable. Wood is the most popular choice, as it’s natural and appealing. But if you prefer something more lightweight, try finding high-quality PVC plastic sheet suppliers in your area. They have a range of options for tree house roofing.

Besides, tree houses can also look beautiful without a lot of wood. Some make a glass tree house, metal sheet tree house, or a teardrop-shaped one using recycled materials. What’s more important is making it look the way you’ve always imagined.

Fun to Furnish

A tree house can be more exciting to furnish than a normal house. It can also serve specific functions like a home office, extra bedroom, bonding area, and more. Once a tree house is completed and furnished, it will be your perfect haven for both fun and solitude.

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