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Make These Items Part of Your Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

When buying a home, don’t forget about the time and labor that homeownership requires. Like regular health checkups to ensure you’re in top condition, keeping up with regular home maintenance tasks will keep you happy and avoid future headaches or wasted money. Monitoring your home’s exterior, appliances, cooling and heating systems, electrical systems, plumbing, and security prevents breakdowns, helping you save money and keeping your home in its best condition.

Make a home maintenance checklist to keep you up-to-date to what necessary items you need to check on, repair, or clean. Revisit this checklist annually to ensure your home is in prime working condition.

To help you construct a proper home maintenance checklist, add the following essential items to the list.


Your gutters are responsible for keeping your home dry and damp-free during wet seasons by controlling the flow of rainwater on your home and protecting your siding, foundation, and roof. When your gutters get clogged, your roof can leak, infiltrating the inside of your home. It’s best to invest in seamless gutters because it gives your roof better ventilation and protection from rot and shingle damage. You can hire professionals for seamless gutters repair and installation for a safer and drier home. However, if you’re already using this type of gutter, clean them at least twice a year to keep them in top condition.

Window Air-conditioning Units

Window air conditioning units are prone to dirt and grime buildup over time, especially after storing it for the winter. It can contain dead bugs, dust, and other more harmful components, including mold or mouse droppings. So it’s best to include this to your home maintenance checklist to ensure you don’t inhale toxic fumes when you use it for spring or summer seasons. Clean the air conditioner thoroughly, including vacuuming the surfaces and cleaning its filter at least twice a year.

HVAC Systems

For homes that utilize HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, it’s best to have it checked bi-annually. You can hire an HVAC technician to schedule a biannual checkup to look at the HVAC’s ductwork for any sign of damage, including the furnace and the air conditioning compressor.

Water Heater

Water heaters are an essential part of any home, providing homeowners with hot water year-round. To avoid damaging your water heater, you need to drain it annually because if you don’t, sediments will collect at the bottom of the tank. These sediments create hot spots on the heaters and damage it, causing premature failure, draining your water heaters at least once a year saves you electricity bills and prolongs its lifespan.

Plumbing System


Make sure to give your pipes a good once-over at least twice a year to ensure there are no signs of leakage, these include pipes under your bathroom and kitchen sinks. It’s also an excellent idea to check your faucets for leakage and the flapper in your toilet’s tank to ensure they have not worn out.


You need to check the chimney regularly, even if you don’t use your fireplace often. It’s responsible for carrying our harmful gasses from your wood stove, furnace, or fireplace out of your home, keeping the inside air of your home clean and breathable. It’s best to check and clean your chimney annually.

Adding these essential items to your annual home maintenance list can save you from costly repairs and future headaches. Keep track of your checklist to ensure your home stays at top condition.

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