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Yard Landscaping Ideas with a Chain Link Fence

Privacy is one of the primary reasons for fencing in both residential and commercial spaces. Most property owners will steer clear of chain link fencing. This is a woven fence made of LLDPE-coated or galvanized steel wire. It features an open weave that allows the unhindered distribution of sunlight into your property and does not obscure your view. Though low cost, aesthetically appealing, secure, and durable, chain link fencing offers little in regards to privacy and security.

Thankfully, experts in fence installation in Salt Lake City and other metropolitan areas have several options for boosting your property’s security and privacy when using chain link fencing. One of the best options lies in planting around your yard. This beautifies your property while keeping prying eyes and intruders out.

Here are some landscaping ideas that work best with chain-link fences:

Tall Perennials

The best perennials for planting around chain-link fences are Maximillian sunflowers. These grow to heights of 3-10 feet and need at least six hours of sunshine daily. Maximillian sunflowers will also attract squirrels and birds to your property. Moreover, the squirrels are finding it entertaining to climb up and down your chain link fence.

Feather reed grass is also an excellent choice when looking for tall perennials for the space around your fence. These are also sun-loving plants that achieve heights of 3-5 feet and widths of 1.5-2.5 feet.

Trees and Bushes

Bush rows will offer optimal security and privacy when planted around chain link fences. The best options are American or common boxwood and Carolina rhododendron. Boxwoods attain heights of 10-15 feet when mature. The Carolina rhododendron is a bit small with heights of 3-6 feet, but it has full white or pink blossoms that will capture the attention of intruders. If you are keen on getting trees, opt for Italian cypress. This is a 10-ft wide tree with a height of 60 feet.


These are exceptional natural landscaping elements for chain link fences. The trumpet creeper, for instance, has thick foliage and is sturdy. It also features red or orange blossoms that will beautify your space. This vine is best suited for big yards because it spreads quickly.

Ground Cover

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This is an excellent choice for property owners who want to ease the mowing of the space around their chain link fence. This is because you need not mow ground cover. Carpet bugle is a good ground cover alternative. It grows quickly to a height of 4-12 inches. It also has shiny leaves that range from a dark purple to dark bronze or a variegated yellow, depending on your gardening skills. Carpet bugle produces purple, white, or blue flowers in spring.

If you are not intent on yard landscaping with the above options, you can also opt for a live fence, with a chain link fence running between it. With these alternatives, the lack of privacy and security associated with chain ilnk fencing should not be a hindrance. Even so, the fence’s installation should be expertly handled. This ensures that it remains strong enough to withstand force and is adequately protected from the adverse elements in your environment.

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