Great Indoor Hobbies to Try out During (and After) Quarantine

The pandemic has pushed most of the population to stay at home. This means no trips to the gym, no jogs across the neighborhood, and no personal Dungeons and Dragons sessions with friends. If your hobbies consist of going outside the house, you’re probably at a loss and just went for the classic Netflix past time now that you’re stuck inside.

It’s important to have a meaningful and creative hobby. It reduces your stress levels and blood pressure. It also enhances your creativity and satisfaction in your job. Here are great past times you can pick up during this lockdown.

Learn New Things Through Online Courses

This isn’t the fun hobby that you’re probably used to. However, it certainly is useful, especially if you’re looking for a job during this lockdown. There are many great courses and even degrees you can take from colleges like the University of Florida, Purdue University, University of Virginia, and more. There are also providers like Coursera and Udemy, which offer high-quality online classes with certifications after you finish them.

If you want to hone your current skills, take courses related to your field. Up for a career change? Take up a new degree for your new dream job. Online courses and degrees are flexible, so you can take and finish them on your own time. Not only does it keep you occupied, but it also improves advances your career. Talk about a win-win!

Take up Gardening


Want an easy hobby that offers a lot of science-backed benefits? Take up gardening. For one, it’s a great physical activity. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that moderate-intensity level tasks for around two and a half hours a day can help lower the risk of health issues like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and obesity.

As it turns out, gardening is one of those medium-intensity activities. Digging through soil, carrying pots, and handling water cans can definitely give you a good calorie burn for the day, even if you’re doing it inside a garden room. It has a variety of mental health benefits, too. Simply observing your plants can decrease feelings of stress, anger, and sadness.

Gardening is easy to get into, too. Getting a small pot of soil with a small plant like Wooly Thyme or Scotch Moss is a great way to start. Plus, if you have room to grow crops and herbs, you can grow your own healthy food.

Learn a New Instrument

If you’re looking for a creative hobby, consider learning an instrument. There are a lot of online music trainers, especially for popular instruments like guitar, ukulele, and bass. A lot of them offer classes for free on YouTube, too. Plus, learning an instrument has a variety of benefits. A study published in the Public Library of Science found that learning an instrument early in your life can improve your vocabulary, motor skills, and problem-solving skills as you grow older. The earlier you start the better, so there’s no better time to pick up those strings or drumsticks than today.

The recent lockdowns have pushed people to stay at home, leaving hobbyists who primarily do outdoor activities with nothing to do. Whether you’re bored out of your mind during the quarantine or you just want an escape from living at work the whole week, pick up these hobbies. ; Not only do they provide a fun way to fill your day, but they also provide a variety of benefits, whether it’s for your health or personal development.

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