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Top Ways You Can Cool Your Home Without an AC

Having an air-conditioning system is now a requirement for modern living. It is as much a part of today’s lifestyle as central heating. ACs and other piping systems that use compressed air help lower room temperature.

Living without an AC, however, could lead to reductions in HVAC costs. You will only need to make a few adjustments to keep your home cool even during hot summer days. The following are some steps you can take.

Trash Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights result in about 90% of wasted energy. They also cause heat emission, which only makes your home hotter on a hot day. Ditch the incandescent bulbs and switch to compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). These will not only cool your home but also help lower your electricity bill.

Close the Blinds

Approximately 30% of the heat in your house comes from your windows. By using shades and curtains, you save about 7% on your bills and lower indoor temperature by up to 20 degrees. Simply put, closing the blinds will help prevent your home from becoming hot like an oven.

Target the Windows

Fresh air through the window

To allow a cool pressure flow, open the top part of the windows on the downwind portion of your home, and then open the lower section on the upwind level. Consider placing a box fan out the window to help push out hot air. You can then wet a sheet and hang it in front of the next open window like a curtain would for a cooler breeze.

Switch on the Fans in the Kitchen and Bathroom

Switch on the exhaust fans during hot weather. This pulls out the hot air that develops inside the kitchen while you cook. Installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom also pulls the air out after you take a hot shower.

Always Sleep Low

When heat rises, your option is to sleep low. You can go ahead and go downstairs or use the room in the basement and place your mattress there. It sure is 100% cooler down there than the rest of your house.

Allow the Night Air to Come In

During summer nights, temperatures can drop in the evening. If this happens where you live, you can make the most of these cool hours by cracking the windows open before you doze off. You can also create a wind tunnel by setting up your fans in the way of the cool night breeze. Be sure to close the windows and blinds in the morning before things get hot.

If you truly want to make the non-aircon thing a lifelong commitment, then you have to make a few changes at home. You can try using insulated window films, which work just like your blinds and inhibit heat from your home. You can also add awnings and plant trees or vines near your windows. They are very helpful in shielding your home from the hot rays of the sun, reducing heat and cooling the entire house. Making these small investments will be worth it in the future.

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