A Guide to Buying an Apartment


There are many apartments that you can rent. Similarly, the options abound for the willing buyer. Every kind of residence will determine its price range alongside other factors, like the neighborhood it is in and the living situation there.

It is important to note that before looking for an apartment for sale in Baguio, localities will have different definitions for some original features. For example, in some places, a bedroom must have a minimum floor space of 80 square feet. In others, the number of windows counts. Finally, if you must go through the room to get to another one, it will not be considered a bedroom. Knowing these definitions will help you to understand the listings you see. Apartments will fall into the following categories:

The studio apartment

If an apartment is a room with a bathroom and kitchen, it is considered a studio apartment. Some neighbourhoods will have a variation of this apartment. The alcove studio, for example, is like a regular one except there is an L-shaped partition that serves as a living room space. This means that the alcove studio will look to be more spacious than a regular studio. A convertible studio, on the other hand, is big enough to allow for you to build a temporary wall to add an extra room.

The convertible and the loft

Bedroom of an apartment

A convertible apartment will be big enough to allow you to build a wall to create an extra bedroom. For instance, one can have a large apartment with one bedroom, but the living space is large enough to accommodate drywall to form another bedroom. In other cases, the bedroom may be big enough to divide. In most cases, the second bedroom will be sold as ‘flex’ or ‘convertible.’ Note that in some places, one may not be allowed to use drywall and they may have to pay additional costs. An attic, on the other hand, is a room with a very high ceiling. Attics are often found in commercial spaces that were renovated to become residential units.

The junior one-bedroom and the duplex

In a junior one-bedroom, a studio apartment will have an extra sleeping room. In some cases, the extra room will be 75% of the size of the main room. A duplex will have two levels. The second floor is often used as sleeping quarters.

The garden and railroad apartment

In a garden apartment, you have a yard. In most cases, these are ground floor apartments, but sometimes they can be in the basement. Be sure you check which is which before you sign papers. Underground apartments are not ideal, especially for security concerns. A railroad apartment would be found in old buildings. The houses typically have four rooms all connected by a hallway to form a rectangle. The bedrooms can be at the center or on the sides.

Before buying an apartment, visit the places that you are considering to make sure that everything is as advertised. Check how close it is to the facilities you need and consider its age. You want an apartment that is secure and meets your needs adequately.

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