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Could Rooftop Gardens Help Save The City From The Heat Island Effect?

Climate change is becoming a threat to everyone. But could rooftop gardens help save our cities from the effects of climate change?

ABC News says that having rooftop gardens could potentially help cool cities and reduce the impact of climate change. Experts blame the urban heat island effect for increasing temperatures. But how could a rooftop garden help alleviate its effects?

How rooftop gardens can help reduce the heat in the city

Research shows that rooftop gardens can have a positive impact on air pollution. In addition, it can also help reduce the noise level while regulating the temperature.

A green roof, otherwise known as a rooftop garden, refers to a type of garden grown on the roofs of tall buildings like condominiums or office skyscrapers. It provides its inhabitants with some shade, removing the heat from the air and reducing the temperature from the surface of the roofs.

A moderately planted garden can help reduce the heat island effect, especially during the day. Experts say that it can even the temperature of rooftops by 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to conventional roofs. What’s great about having green roofs across the city is that it can reduce the ambient temperatures by at least 5 degrees Fahrenheit. This has the added benefit of reducing the energy needed to maintain the temperature inside the structure.

This energy efficiency and temperature reduction have made green roofs gain popularity worldwide. But how can you have one in your home?

Primary elements of rooftop gardening

Rooftop with garden

Rooftop gardening is not a new concept. Countries like Singapore have already successfully applied it in most of their buildings. But if you want to have a little piece of greenery in your home, there are a few options to help you make it possible.

If you’re considering having a rooftop garden, the first thing that you need to do is to hire an architect or a structural engineer. They would then perform a fundamental analysis of your home. You also need to consider hiring a professional company to install your garden. They’ll first start to install Skudo protection board to ensure that your roof has enough protection against any weathering caused by the plants.

Meanwhile, if you want to take the easy route, then you can also use a few raised beds and containers to grow your plants. Design it in any way that you want as long as it compliments your taste. You can start with a few easy-to-grow herb plants so that you won’t have any problems managing them. Containers are perfect for building rooftop gardens because they’re flexible and light. The Spruce says that they’re also quite affordable and portable at the same time.

Having a rooftop garden is an excellent way to help reduce the heat island effect. It can even help you with lowering your monthly energy bills. However, you need to have proper planning and construction permits from the local council before you start any construction. Doing so ensures that you’re compliant with policies set by the city council.

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