Fixing and maintaining gutters

Main Types of Rain Gutters

Effective rain gutter systems are crucial in the aesthetics, protection, and maintenance of a house. Whether residential or commercial, all buildings require the proper evacuation of water. Rain gutters determine the lifespan and maintenance cost of a building. Gutter systems collect water from the roof area and disperse it away from the building.

A faulty rainwater evacuation system can contribute to damages to soffit and fascia, shingles, driveways, walkways, and landscaping. That is why you should consider rain gutter repair in Salt Lake City the moment you notice a fault. Ineffective gutter systems can lead to compromised integrity of the building foundations. This can lead to safety concerns for people resident or working in the building. There are four main types of gutter systems.

1. Seamless Gutters

Also called continuous rain gutters, seamless gutters have no ugly seams, thereby reducing the potential for leaks. Single, seamless pieces have much better structural integrity than joined pieces. Seamlessness also enhances resistance to expansion and contraction during extreme weather. By reducing on the number of places where sealants are used, weak points vulnerable to leaks are reduced. Baked on enamel finishing, seamless gutters do not need painting. They come in many colors and measurements are taken on the site for exact fit. They are a natural choice for homeowners, bringing out the best in appearance and function.

2. Copper Gutters

While they are more expensive, copper gutters lend to personalized aesthetics and charm of the house. They imbue antiquity to the house, adding an element of sophistication and culture to the building. It is possible to install handcrafted leader heads and personalized copper rain chains. Copper gutters are very durable, resist corrosion, enhance beauty, and adds value to the property.

3. PVC Gutters

These are strong, flexible, inexpensive, durable, adaptable, and easy to install.  They are also called vinyl gutters. Their primary advantage is that they are resistant to corrosion, unlike metal gutters.

4. Galvanized Gutters

These are known for their acid resistance. When hot dipped in zinc, they gain additional strength and resistance to weather elements. Galvanized gutters are less expensive than aluminum. They do not dent easily and retain the sharp line look for decades. Quality installation of gutter systems and downpipes requires professional contractors to ensure that the job is well done. You do not want to engage a hack job whose poor artistry will see you spend a lot more on frequent repairs. Or a total re-do.

Why Effective Systems Matter

Gutter system

Gutter systems include gutter guards, accessories, downspouts, soffits, and fascias. All of these require proper and periodic maintenance after installation. Damage to a house or building can occur due to water build up, seeping, and improper diversion. If unattended, damage to rain gutter systems can lead to high maintenance costs and sometimes to complete renovations of houses. Windblown debris, bugs, and termites are at work, affecting drainage and water evacuation systems.

Climate change has also affected the way gutter systems should be maintained. More torrential rainstorms, snowstorms and hurricanes, dust-storms and sandstorms make it essential for more frequent systems evaluation and repair. More frequent maintenance is still cheaper than eventual renovation or even complete re-build of your house.

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