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How Much Should You Spend on Aluminum Fencing?

The average cost of installing an aluminum fence in Spanish Fork ranges from around $150 to $950, although most homeowners spend about $520 on average inclusive of materials and labor fees.

You can limit your expenses by being familiar with how to find the right steel supplier in Utah. Since the actual installation price depends on your chosen material, it’s essential to be aware of specific techniques for metal fabrication. The availability of new solutions has caused fabrication rates in recent years to be more affordable, but you should still try to compare prices by asking quotes from at least three different steel suppliers in the state.

How Much Should You Pay Professional Installers?

Contractors in Spanish Fork usually charge their clients per foot of aluminum fencing installation. You can negotiate for a labor-only deal in case you already have the materials. In general, homeowners spend more if they rely on the contractor for the materials and installation work. Don’t hesitate to ask about specific discounts or special offers when you compare rates.

They can even offer a financing plan for more expensive projects like wrought iron fences. If you plan to replace an old or broken fence, you might need to spend more on removing the structure before a new installation. Those who only need repairs should estimate the expenses, which should be only less than half the cost of a fence replacement.

Things to Remember for Custom Fabrication

Homeowners who choose custom fabricators often do so when they want a particular fence design. Custom fabrication has become more popular due to lower rates brought by the availability of different construction methods. Whether or not you fancy a custom-made fence, you must have an accurate measurement of your property before hiring a steel fabricator.

Otherwise, any inaccuracies can increase your overall cost because you might have to buy additional materials. A four-foot section of aluminum fencing can start at around $15. You should also consider pre-primed steel done at the supplier’s workshop. This will require you to spend more, but it saves money from reducing the cost of long-term maintenance.

Other Fencing Types

Metal fence

If you’re still undecided, you can choose from different types of available fencing materials. Wood remains the most popular choice among homeowners due to its lifespan that can last as long as your home. PVC is the best choice for a small budget as it costs less than most types of materials. Some types of PVC fences are reinforced with wood for added durability.

Wrought iron fences won’t be an option for cash-strapped individuals. The material isn’t cheap because it requires custom fabrication. You would also need to repaint or sand it at least once every three years.

Professional rates for aluminum fencing in Spanish Fork can be the same as other contractors’ fees in Utah County. Take note that average prices don’t include permit and inspection fees. If you decide to hire a general contractor, you might need to pay between $60 and $80 for additional fees.

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