Christmas season

What’s Your Winter Wonderland?

Christmas is deemed as the most wonderful time of the year. Now that fall has come, the crisp, cold smell of the winter snow is just around the corner. Accordingly, people like to celebrate this season differently. Some enjoy staying at home by the fireplace, while others consider it a perfect time to immerse themselves in the holiday spirit outside.

If you’re more of an outdoor person, why not travel in Salt Lake City, Utah, where winter activities and attractions abound? The ideal time to visit Salt Lake City is towards the end of November or early December. If you want to gaze at the fancy holiday light installations all over the city, witness a holiday theatrical or music performance, or try a one-of-a-kind adventure in a winter utopia, Salt Lake City has a lot of things stored for you and your family to enjoy this Christmas season.

Temple Square Christmas Concerts

If witnessing gorgeous, flashy, and colorful lights is your jam, then Temple Square is the one place you should visit in this city. Also, Temple Square holds one of the best Christmas concert series, concluding with the performances of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas Concerts on December 13 to 15 in Conference Center Auditorium.

The Festival of Trees

An estimated 90,000 individuals reportedly visit the Festival of Trees every year, solely for witnessing over 1,000 creatively decorated Christmas trees, garlands, attractions, gingerbread creations, and playhouses, which are all auctioned for the benefit of Primary Children’s Medical Center.

Also, the festival offers activities that are perfect for children, as well as complete entertainment for the whole family.

Enjoy a Candlelight Christmas at This Is The Place Heritage Park


All year-round, the Place Heritage Park is known to be an exciting historical place to visit, but during the Christmas season, the area transforms into a fairytale-like scene from a classic Christmas movie. Iconic Santa Clause holds a meet-and-greet event kids, while the smell of baked goodies and the jingles of the Heritage Village Carolers fill the air.

Spend the Night at Snowbird Resort

Just drive a bit further, outside Salt Lake City, and you’ll find Snowbird Resort, an eclectic lodging to spend your Christmas eve in. And if you think a cozy and dainty accommodation is all you’re going to get, then here’s a pleasant surprise. There are fantastic attractions for you to see, such as the Torchlight Parade, which happens around 6 pm. Moreover, there’s a grand fireworks show and a candlelight service where guests can participate.

Witness the ZooLights at Hogle Zoo

Fond of visiting animals during the holiday season? Why not visit the Hogle Zoo and witness its holiday light installation? Besides, zoos should not be just a summer season attraction. At Hogle Zoo, the festive lights meet wooly animals for an enjoyable and entertaining family or date night.

The main attractions are over 200 lighted displays of animals and holiday-inspired décor that are set up all over the expanse of the zoo. To heighten the fun, walk through the crowd favorite lighted tunnel, which towers up at a whopping 135 feet.

ZooLights runs every night, starting from the 30th of November, up to 31st of December, except on the 25th.

The Takeaway

The Christmas season is a delightful time that offers multiple holiday-fitting activities. If you plan on visiting Salt Lake City, double-check the schedules of the events because some of them might be subject to change. It’s also best to book accommodation early to score good deals.

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