When Your Favorite Pupper Doesn’t Smell As Lovely A Usual

Anyone who has taken care of a dog knows that dogs have a distinct smell. Although this isn't a problem for them, there are times when the scent becomes too overwhelming. That doesn't even include the scent traces that they often leave behind on the carpet, the furniture, and even your clothes.

Becoming a fur parent has its own set of pros and cons the moment that you signed up for it. One of them is figuring out the Bad Puppy Smell problem and addressing it.

Understanding Your Pupper's Body

Dogs don't sweat the way humans do. It means that they don't have any form of liquid perspiration seeping from the pores on their skin the way humans do. But they do sweat from their paws. They do this by emitting light perspiration right underneath their hair follicles. The chemical scent that their body releases are unique to each dog

Although they all smell the same to humans, they have a distinct smell to other dogs. All dogs produce oil, which is a crucial part of their skin and hair. This oil also serves as a unique scent marker. The glands found in their ear also produces a smell which resembles a light yeasty odor. These scents are all normal and are easily manageable through regular bathing and grooming.

But their smell can get unpleasant once bacteria and fungi set in. The same thing happens when the body's systems do not function the way they ought to. So, if a dog has an ear infection, the bacteria that causes the contamination can release a decaying smell, depending on its severity.

There's also what experts call as the anal sacs, which often goes unnoticed. Healthy scent glands or anal sacs release a small amount of secretion every time a dog defecates. The secretion usually has a powerful musky odor, which helps dogs to share their information. However, there are times when the anal sacs can get blocked. Thus, preventing it from draining the liquid. Once this happens, the glands can become swollen and cause the dog to feel pain.

How Can You Manage the Scent?

Puppies playing with a girl on a rug

Dog scents often come from either their urine or their poop. Although it can be gross at first, getting rid of the unwanted odor can be easy as long as you know how to do it. Most people often hire carpet cleaners in Atlanta to help them get rid of the pet odor. But there are ways to manage it on your own.

One way to do it is by saturating the stain with a wet vac to get rid of the dirty water. Next, apply a pet odor neutralizer to get rid of the unpleasant smell. If it doesn't work, you can always try an advanced stain remover to get rid of it.

Your dog is your special baby. But owning a dog comes will always come with that trademark dog smell. As long as you're armed with enough cleaners plus home deodorizers, you and your furbaby are good.

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