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Pool Trends This Year: Delighting Your Family and Friends

You want to have an impressive swimming pool. There are so many options and techniques. If you want your swimming pool to stand out in the neighborhood, you should hire the best custom-made pool contractor in Utah or any other state. This guide will give you tips about the hottest trends in residential swimming pools today.

Built-in Ledges and Bars

If you love going out for vacation, swim-up bars are familiar to you. On a side note, increasing numbers of homeowners opt to integrate a center of socialization in their backyard. Some construct built-in ledges. What’s more electrifying is that if you have a bar section near the swimming pool. It will bring you to the next level to getting your feet wet.

Dark Interior Pools

Do you want to achieve a lagoon-like swimming area right in your backyard? Having darker finishes will let you achieve that in your pool. It has been a sensational topic in 2018, and the trend continues this year. More homeowners are getting pleased with transforming their swimming area by following this idea.

One of the advantageous aspects of having dark pool surface is that the ground absorbs heat quicker compared to pools with a lighter ground. Also, minimal debris and filth tend not to become an eyesore for swimmers because they are not obviously visible if your pool has a dark surface. Most property owners are satisfied with this technique because it helps reduce their energy costs.

Customized Home Spa


Maximize the available space on your property. Even though the area is small, you can still make a spa in your backyard. This is one of the popular pool trends in most homes today. Professional contractors can bring bright ideas, and they can fulfill your desired features and designs for the spa. Don’t forget to consider extra space for other outdoor needs, such as a grill spot or patio relaxation area.

Single Depth Pools

If your priority is safety over enjoyment, your best option is to build a single depth pool. It’s a fun pool if it accommodates both children and adults. To protect the little ones, a pool with 3-foot depth is perfect. If all in the family are already adults, keep your recreational pool at a maximum depth of 5 feet.

For sporty individuals, a pool with a 5-foot depth and a length of 25 meters will be beneficial. If you have young kids, you should not worry; they can still enjoy getting their feet wet as portable pools for kids are readily available on the market.

Smart Pools

Smart pools are in residential homes these days. Who says you can’t beat commercial recreational pools? Investing in smart lights for your pool is the best way to go. You can change the colors, and it can be programmed to stimulate the excitement of your family and guests. In addition, modern pool lights can be controlled right at your smartphone through the app.

Other smart features to include in your pool are automatic devices that can filter the water in the pool and those that can alter the temperature of the water. These are just some of the technologies that can bring a lot of conveniences if you’re too busy and want to relax right away.

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