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What to Consider Before You Buy a New House

A house is a huge investment. You will not just be putting a lot of money into the property, you and your family will be spending a lot of time in it. The house you will be choosing should make you feel comfortable and, well, at home. Before you move in, here are some things to consider:

This is the Best Option for You

The best way to find the right home is to look at as many options as possible. Go to every open house available in your vicinity or ideal neighbourhood. Contact one of the many estate agents in South West London to help you find houses that are for sale.

You Feel Welcomed

couple with their new homeThe moment you pull up to the curb, how do you feel? You should be excited the moment you lay eyes on your potential new home, not looking at the neighbour’s house or daydreaming about another property.

Trust your intuition. When you look at the house, what is your first impression? Does it look like a happy home or does it depress you? It is a red flag if the property does not spark joy. Remember that you will be coming home to that place every day for a long time or, perhaps, the rest of your life. You should feel happy and inspired to own your home.

You Feel Comfortable in Every Room, Including the Loo

When you enter the room, does it implore you to explore every nook and cranny? If your first reaction to the room is to take one peek at it and then move on, that is not a good sign.

Do not avoid inspecting the bathrooms, either. You will be using it a lot so going inside and looking at the vanity or poking your head to see what is behind the shower curtain is normal.

You Start Decorating Your Home in Your Mind

The right home for you will ignite your creativity. Looking at the living room, you probably would start imagining where to place your couch or how you would decorate the mantle above the fireplace for Christmas. Maybe you have started transforming a quiet corner into the cozy reading nook of your dreams.

You usually will know that the house is the right fit for you and your family if you have already “mentally moved in.”

It Checks All the Boxes

The right home should have everything that you and your family needs. Aside from the number of rooms and bathrooms, there should be ample space for you to engage in your hobbies or to play with your kids. If you like to plant a garden, for example, there should be enough space in the backyard and the sun should be shining right at it, not obscured by a neighbouring property. Maybe you like to cook and bake,  then the kitchen should have enough space to allow you to use your culinary expertise.

While there may be some aspects of your new home you are willing to let go of, there are important features that you should never consider compromising.

There is no one way to know if you have found the right home for you. Before you make a decision, imagine your life and future in this house. If you plan on having more kids or getting a dog, will there be enough room?

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