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Turning Your Kitchen Into a Personal and Personalised Space

They say, “Never compromise functionality for design.” The statement is wrong for two reasons: One, a good design should serve its purpose while maintaining its visual beauty. Two, why not have both?

Your kitchen is a personal space as much as a workspace. It is the heart and soul of the house. It is the place where the family is nourished- literally and figuratively. It serves as a witness to momentous events in every family member’s life: where a mother teaches her son on how to prepare breakfast before sending him off to university, where Christmas meals are made every year, where a daughter cooks dinner before delivering the news about her job promotion.

Even the functional elements that make up the entire kitchen holds a story that goes beyond their purpose. Your kitchen counter might be the best place to prepare meals, but it’s also where your child does his homework as you guide him. The kitchen cupboard not only holds your beloved cookware, but it is the hiding place of the cookie jar in which your children try so hard to reach.

With how personal a kitchen is, it’s only right to make it appear so. Here are some tips on personalizing your kitchen:

  1. Customize your cabinet.

Nowadays, open shelving is trendy as you might have seen on Pinterest. However, it can appear messy if there are too many wares which aren’t uniformed. It’s a trend that is not for everyone. The best bet is still a kitchen cabinet. In Salt Lake City, a company works solely on a customized cabinet that adheres to the design of the entire home—from rustic to modern.

Kitchen cabinets take so much space. Customizing them will instantly change the look of your kitchen. You can add a pop of color by painting the inside of a cupboard to make the space look vibrant. You can also try changing the hardware of your kitchen cabinet to give it more character. Small details that are often overlooked can make a huge impact.

  1. Change the lighting.

Kitchen Interior Design Architecture

Lighting can instantly change the kitchen atmosphere. For safety reasons, your kitchen lighting should be bright.

Consider your lighting as a statement piece to add depth to your kitchen’s personality. See what will match with the overall look of your kitchen, from a vintage chandelier to quirky lamp. Place the accent lighting to a strategic location. For instance, you can opt for pendant lighting over your island counter.

  1. Give importance to your kitchen and personal habits.

Do you bake more than you cook? Do you take your coffee-making seriously?

Make sure the layout of your kitchen is designed to support your kitchen habits. Do not forget that the contents you use frequently should be easily reachable. If you enjoy baking on your leisure time, you can place huge clear jars by the counter where you can place the cookies inside. Make beautiful statement pieces out of functional items.

The economic value of your house is highly dependent on the quality of your kitchen. Its value for your family, however, is priceless. Turn it into a space where more memories are bound to be made.

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