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Underground Entertainment: Making a Modern Basement Man Cave

Sometimes when it’s cold, people go outdoors to enjoy the weather and winter activities. But there are times when you’d rather find somewhere cozy and snug to hang out, especially if you live where winters get freezing like in Utah. Basement finishing projects allow you to transform what’s normally a forgotten storage space into a comfortable and cool den. And if you love to play games or binge-watch, you can really nail it by installing the right fixtures along with your home entertainment systems and game consoles. Here are some things to cover.

The basement

Your basement makes perfect sense for this purpose. First, it’s already there – with four walls, a floor, and a ceiling. It just needs a little more work to be ready, compared to adding a room or extending the property. Second, it’s underground and thus naturally insulated from temperature and sound. Third, it’s out of the way. You don’t have to be a teenage kid to know that gamers hate being interrupted – and so, for that matter, do binge-watchers of all ages.

So clear out the clutter, roll up your sleeves, and bring the professionals onboard as needed: this is an investment that will reward you with every hour you spend immersed in what’s onscreen.


No modern game room survives without electricity or on electricity alone. You’ll need to run cables for the internet and TV. A dedicated router is necessary – any wireless signal from above will probably be greatly diminished here. For a complete man-cave setup, plumbing work is also essential – you’ll want a proper bathroom for those times when adding a minute to your break can spell life or death for your in-game character.


leather sofa chair

Because basements are by nature hard, dark, and cold places, you want to go all-in on comfort. Let your couches and chairs be soft, luxurious, and inviting. While you might not want full carpeting because of how hard it can be to clean, strategic placement of a fur rug can work wonders for everyone’s feet.

Don’t just leave the walls bare, though. Friends and family won’t just zero in immediately on the screen. There’s going to be moments of conversation and breaks in the game. Decorate with warm colors and textures to create a comfortable ambiance.


Good lighting is what elevates your basement – after all, it is a place without windows. And your doctor will be quick to tell you off for watching or playing video games in the dark. Light up your basement to make it lively and welcoming, and to set the mood for your chosen entertainment.


In the days of dungeons and barbarians, people might have been content to sit down on cold stone floors while getting their football fix or streaming the latest series. Times have changed and you may wish to provide food and drink for your guests. Creating a separate utility space with a refrigerator and kitchen sink allows you to stock up and prepare snacks on the fly. For the truly civilized, a proper bar lets you play host and serve guests while watching the big game.

Whether you design a man cave or a family entertainment room, take the extra effort and put some work into your basement, and enjoy the perfect dedicated space for your home viewing and gaming pleasure.

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