Top Upgrades Your Home Truly Needs

New trends on interior design and decor pop out every so often. When your home has been using the same old style for a while now, it's easy to feel outdated and left behind. This prompts us to plan a renovation or remodeling project. In addition, repainting of the outer walls, curb appeal improvement, garden maintenance, and all other exterior upgrades must be taken care of when you upgrade your home, so that's a hefty amount of money at stake.

But do we really need major upgrades to sell our house fast? If your goal is to raise the value of your house, then major upgrades will no doubt do that. Looking at the prospect of being able to sell it fast, however, you might need to think twice.

Not every home upgrade is worth it, but here are the only ones you truly need if you want to sell your home fast:

      1. Refinishing the Desk

If you have a deck, patio, or porch, refinishing it would be one of your best investments. Make sure the surfaces are totally clean before re-coating — remove any flaking, stains, and all other unsightly flaws before starting. You can purchase a pressure-wash, too, so you can clean it even faster.

For your new coating, opt for a clear, solid, or penetrating stain. Make sure you're working on a sunny day so that your hard work won't be ruined!

      2. Kitchen Upgrade

Replacing countertops and installing backsplashes are the best upgrades you'll do to your kitchen. Make sure you aren't choosing cheaper models or materials. Appliance upgrades won't be necessary, especially if they're still functioning properly. Instead, you can just re-coat them with electrostatic paint to give them a new look. 

You also don't need to tear down your kitchen cabinets. Simply repainting them and replacing the broken handles will be enough.

     3. Bathroom Modification

Old bathroom tiles and fixtures really do need replacement, but don't overspend; you don't need anything too trendy in your bathroom. Stick to the classic style that's no doubt more versatile than flashy ones. Companies that offer complete bathroom renovation services in Brisbane, for example, provide simple yet appealing and high-quality new bathroom designs. Trust their expertise to build a new bathroom that your buyers will surely love.

     4. Installing Garage Cabinetry

Repair tools typically find a home in the garage, so a cabinetry or shelving units in there will definitely be useful. Make sure they're fastened to the wall securely so that they won't topple over when it gets heavy with supplies.

     5. Basement Improvement

Basements are surely damp, so invest in equipment that can reduce the humidity down there. If it's prone to flooding, leaks, and excessive moisture, have a professional remedy it. Make sure to choose water-resistant tiling and other high-quality fixtures that complement each other in design to truly improve the look of your basement.

     6. Landscaping

Home landscaping

Your home's curb appeal will be the first thing your guests and buyers will notice, so make sure your landscape is well-maintained. Have enough trees and shrubs that are nicely pruned. If it's possible, plant a hedge to surround your house with. Make sure all your plants are watered right.

Things to Remember Before Upgrading

Before embarking on a home renovation project, make sure the upgrades won't overly raise your home's value. While it's certainly appealing to be able to sell your home for a high price, it's still not advisable if its value ends up way out of range of your neighbourhood's price per square foot. 

Replacing appliances also won't raise your home's value that much. Your buyers will only perceive it as necessary upgrades, so they won't see the value behind them.

By investing in these necessary home upgrades, your home's resale value could increase significantly. This would be favorable for you and your buyer, so consider it a win-win situation.

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