5 Upgrades You Need to Make in Your Spa

Daily routines can get pretty tiring. Often, people are all beat up at the end of the week. Each person has his or her weekend plans to unwind and take a break. Most people like going to spas.

A guest would go to a spa to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of life. They want to spend a few hours in a quiet, tranquil environment and be peaceful. Their goal is to leave the spa feeling brand new and ready to conquer the following week.

So your job, as a spa owner, is to give them a relaxing, luxury experience. Even if you’re already the best in the market, you should continue to innovate. Make upgrades in your spa to enhance the experience of your customers. Here are some upgrades you need to make.

Spa tub

Get the latest tub for your spas. In choosing new tubs to install, think style, functionality, and maintenance. Make sure you’re not sacrificing quality for design. There are many luxurious and highly operational tubs in the market.

Quite a trend in Salt Lake City, Utah, nowadays, is bullfrog spas, which have a lot of functions and amenities.

Having a good spa tub will benefit not only your customers but also you as an owner. You want to maximize your expenses, so make sure you’re getting the quality of your money with a durable, high-quality spa tub.

Non-chlorine sanitation

Chlorine has often been associated with irritation and acidic odor. That’s not ideal when you’re trying to create a peaceful environment because scent also plays a role in a person’s mood.

Invest in non-chlorine sanitation products, or what they call “shock oxidizers,” to clean your spa and get rid of bacteria.


Psychologists would suggest that relaxation and recreational places should have less bright light. Instead, these establishments, like spas, should invest in lighting that positively influences a person’s emotional and mental response.

Warm, ambient lighting will help set the mood of your customers and help them achieve their relaxation goals in your spa. In fact, the results of studies conducted regarding light and mood would suggest that blue light helps facilitate relaxation and calmness.



Scientists say that music can connect with the body’s autonomic nervous system and the limbic system. The autonomic nervous system is what regulates blood pressure, heartbeat, and brain function. On the other hand, the limbic system regulates feelings and emotions.

This is the reason why our brains react to the sound of music. Listening to relaxing music will help our body systems slow down and remain calm.

Set up a sound system in your spa. People find that natural sounds like waves on the beach, birds on a mountainside, or falling rain works better for relaxation. You can also choose some soft piano music and instrumentals.

Offer tea

Tea is a natural remedy for stress and anxiety. Other selections also help in indigestion, insomnia, and other disorders. The components of tea have a knack for relaxing muscles and reducing irritability.

Offer tea to your customers to help soothe their bodies and calm their minds. It will not only improve your customer service but will also heighten the satisfaction and relaxation of your customers.

A long, relaxing spa session is every person’s dream. And it’s your job, as a spa owner, to give them an experience of a lifetime. Make these upgrades and ensure that your customers are leaving your spa feeling relaxed and brand new.

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