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What You Should Do When Pulling Off a Transitional Style For Your Home

Designing your home can be challenging, especially if you have the impression that you can only implement one theme. However, you have the freedom to mix and match a couple of themes and design plans. The trick is how you will make the combination seamless and simple.

Otherwise, you will end up having a mishmash of confused choices of aesthetics. If you are planning to combine two or three design themes, you are basically coming up with a transitional style. This particular style merges traditional elements while making sure that the contemporary components also stand out.

It is much different from eclectic design, where the disconnect between elements is obvious (yet it still looks good overall). The objective here is to make the two design plans blend well and keep them from cancelling each other out.

This can be a very difficult style to implement, which is why many recommend working with an interior designer and decorator. Nevertheless, here are some of the things to keep in mind:

Curves and straight lines matter

One great determinant of a good combination of themes is the use of lines. In this regard, you ought to use curved and straight lines. For one, the straight lines may be present in your minimalist furniture pieces, such as the sofa and dining table.

The curves may appear in the ornate fireplace, the mouldings or the valances of the windows. The lighting fixtures, such as the chandelier, can also provide some line aesthetics.

Give the room some texture

Textures are an important element that you need to emphasise when designing your space. The smooth texture of Scandinavian minimalism may appear in the flawless Marmoleum flooring. On the other hand, the heavy, cosy textures can be reserved for your velvet drapery or chairs.

The presence of textures gives your home an interesting feel.

Avoid mixing in a lot of accessories

Given that you are just mixing two themes, you need to see to it that your home will not be overdecorated. Otherwise, your space will provide lots of distractions. Or your home may look like it is donning an eclectic design. Borrow minimal elements from the designs you are using.

One hack in this aspect is by choosing an arresting artwork.

Keep the colours clean

neutral colors for the living room

Again, you are not executing an eclectic design, so you must make sure that your colours are toned down. Keep the shades neutral. White, black, cream and grey all make good choices. But you are still free to add some pops of colours and trimmings to accentuate your main shade.

To make sure you are using the right colour combinations, you can refer to the colour wheel.

Having a transitional design for your home is a nice move if you want to give your space two distinct personalities. Just be careful when executing it to avoid making the space look like some mess. You can do things yourself, but if you want to make the transition between designs perfect, it pays that you invest in the services of a designer.

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