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The Relationship Between Productivity and Equipment

Manufacturing companies are always on the lookout for ways to improve work efficiency and quality. After all, efficiently producing quality products is the lifeblood of their business. This is why companies spend money and time to research ways to improve their manufacturing processes.

There are, however, some manufacturers who would rather research on how to cut costs to increase profits. While there may be nothing wrong with the goal to increase profits, sidestepping the full process may affect product quality. In the end, taking shortcuts to increase productions may have disastrous results. But, there are ways to boost output without sidestepping the manufacturing process. Among these are using handy chain conveyors that easily transfer materials or finished products from one station to another.

Too Many Processes Equal High Cost

Some manufacturing companies would occasionally implement shortcuts in the production process in a bid to cut costs. They believe that it will speed up the process and increase the quantity produced. Although speeding up the process is not bad, having a single person working on two tasks may not be good. For instance, because the bulk of semi-finished products would cramp a workstation, some companies instruct workers to perform two tasks. This eliminates the need for other personnel to work on task number two. Many other companies do not implement this practice as it degrades the quality of the finished product. Their workers stationed on the manufacturing floor usually have a single task to perform. This increases the cost of production, which would ultimately be shouldered by the consumer.

Streamline, Not Shortcut

Some companies hire workers to get materials or product from one table and transfer these to another table. In such a case, workstation personnel is not allowed to leave their places; hence, the need for the delivery guy. Naturally, a company would pay such delivery guy even if most of the time his work is to wait. Many companies have found a solution, though, and one that would make their process more organized and efficient. Using a tabletop chain conveyor and other similar equipment, many manufacturing companies discovered their productivity has increased by as much as 20% to 50%. Installing these devices eliminated the need for delivery guys to transfer one material or product from one table to another.

Deliver Material and Products Fast


Enhancing your systems and motivating employees is only part of the overall task to improve the manufacturing process. There is also a need to adopt technological innovations and add useful equipment and devices to boost efficiency. A handy chain conveyor is one of such equipment. It can help personnel organize materials or products and deliver them to the next workstation in a speedy manner. With such a device in place, your production rate will increase without jeopardizing the quality of your product. Best of all, a chain conveyor can be customized to fit your production needs.

Handy chain conveyors may not be cheap, but it is certainly worth the investment. Consider this. Would you risk manufacturing inferior products because you assigned two or more tasks to one person to speed up production? If you want to hasten production without risking quality, make use of technological innovations and equipment like the chain conveyor. You will be surprised at how your production efficiency rate will increase when you install this nifty device at various workstations.

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