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The Underappreciated Benefits of Townhome Living

When buying a house, average Utahns generally choose between single-family detached properties and condominiums. You would be hard-pressed to find a person that considers a townhome as the first option. Sure, nobody loves sharing walls with other families when given a choice.

Condos are somewhat an exception to the rule since they often located in the heart of the city and offer beautiful views of it from high vantage points. But townhomes for sale in Eagle Mountain and other growing areas deserve more respect than what they usually get. These properties provide the best of single-family detached houses and condos. Here are the best townhome benefits that support such an argument.

1. Affordability

In a vacuum, a townhome is likely to cost more than a condo but generally less than a detached property. Apart from the initial price, a townhome does not require too much upkeep. It does come with a lawn, but the yard work is generally minimal due to relatively narrow space. The overall maintenance of the building pales in comparison to that of an average American house.

Yes, you typically need to pay homeowner association (HOA) fees, just like all the other residents, but these costs allow the entire neighborhood to enjoy public amenities. Townhome communities are different, and you can find one that matches your family’s lifestyle, which can moderate your HOA obligations.

2. Community

mothers and their babies having a picnicTownhome living provides a sense of community. The presence of people next door does not force you to socialize with other families if you do not want to, but sharing a large structure with many other residents brings back traditional neighborhood values. Being a part of something big can help you be a better citizen of the community.

Townhome residents generally feel accountable for their actions since they can affect other people. You are free to mind your own business, but you know that you can count on your neighbors in case something needs to be resolved.

3. Privacy

Contrary to popular belief, townhome living provides even more privacy. Modern building practices put a premium on noise reduction, so do not expect to inadvertently eavesdrop on your neighbors or be concerned about being the topic of conversation of other people. If two others flank your unit, only you need to worry about prying eyes on two sides of the house.

4. Safety

Burglars feel less encouraged to break into a property connected to many others, even at nighttime. These criminals like to avoid as many eyes as possible, which is hard to do in a neighborhood where houses are next to one another.

5. Salability

If you want to move in the future, you can always find a market for your townhome, especially when the prices of single-family detached houses are high. Compared to a condo, a townhome experiences greater appreciation because it comes with a piece of land.

Every piece of real estate has its own set of pros and cons, but a townhome has more benefits than drawbacks when scrutinized from the proper perspective.

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