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Creative Theme Ideas for Your Corporate Team Building Event

Business owners and HR practitioners appreciate the essence of promoting a team spirit among employees. The close-knit community this creates will help employees feel at home in your office, and this boosts their productivity.

While you might have the best work environment in your office, it is essential to step out once in a while to foster teamwork outside your office. Teambuilding activities have been a part of the corporate world for a long time.

Some managers have hence been fooled into assuming these are events that can be hurriedly planned and executed. Teambuilding activities without destination management services agencies nowadays are however largely a failure.

This is because there is considerable planning required to put together a team building exercise which will meet its objectives and maximize your business’ returns. The planning of a teambuilding activity with professional backing starts with the selection of your theme.

Your team’s destination, activities, and length of activity will be based upon the theme. The following are a few ideas which might suffice for your teambuilding.

The Sport Course

What better way to have fun and get your employees in shape than with a sport course-themed teambuilding? Sports activities will promote the business values of achievement, competition, and engagement.

Those looking for a classic tournament can settle for softball, archery and catch the flag while fun team sports activities include inflatable human baby foot and tug of war. Extreme sports lovers will feel right at home with rafting, hiking or a boot camp.

Thinking and Teamwork

You can opt for a less challenging theme if you think your team is not up to the challenge of sports. Teamwork is at the core of all team building activities, but in teamwork and thinking themes, you are also aiming to improve your team’s intellectual skills.

A thinking and teamwork theme will allow you to assess your employees’ capacity to analyze different issues and find solutions. The ideal activities in this theme include riddles, puzzles and life-size challenges, scavenger hunts, and escape games.

Artistic Moments

This theme aims to improve your employees’ creativity. It is a wise way to get your workers to push beyond their limits by giving them free rein to their imagination.

Artistic moment teambuilding themes give you insight into your employees’ creativity from a different angle, which might prove essential to your business. The ideal activities in artistic moment themes are building activities like Lego, art craft sessions, theatrical works or the creation of a company anthem.

The Ultimate Session

Team joining hands team work concept

This theme is based around an ‘everything is possible’ program. You want to encourage your team members to reach for their wildest dreams and thus boost their creativity and productivity. The ideal activities in ultimate session-themed teambuilding are skydiving, heli-skiing, and jetpack flights.

Teambuilding has now moved from the conventional venues and activities of yesteryears. You would not want your team building activity to be predictable and boring to your staff and thus negate the overall objective of the activity.

These themes planned by a seasoned event organizer are guaranteed to set your activity apart and have your team members more eager than ever to give your business objectives their all.

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