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Should You Automate Your Property’s Gates? Two Options and Factors to Consider

In today’s modern world, we could say that everything we use or consume on a daily basis has somehow been influenced by technological advancements. Anything that can be operated digitally will be introduced and offered to the market at once.

Security is one of the things that technology has made even better. CCTV cameras, door locks, and gates have also been automated. These gates are being used widely, and if you’ve been thinking about having one for your new or existing properties, then you’re at the right place.

Your property in Beverly Hills or any other place can be secured tighter with automation. Here are your two options for upgrading your custom-made wrought-iron railings and gates:

Automatic Swing Opener

They are very much like your typical gate. An automated swing gate can be operated both manually and automatically, and they aren’t difficult to maintain. Construction of this kind of gate is also easier because no additional metal beams or concrete works are needed, unlike sliding gates. They’re also a classic choice, suitable for both vintage and modern style properties. You also get the option to have the gates open only in one direction or both outward and inward, depending on the space provision.

The controls of automatic swing doors can be adjusted to be used on both single leaf and twin leaf gates, ensuring maximum security. Railheads can also be added as both an aesthetic touch and safety feature. Potential intruders will be discouraged from climbing up the gate if they couldn’t pick the locks. Swing gates are also less expensive than sliding gates.

Automatic Slide Opener

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Automatic sliding gates are also popular among residential and commercial properties. They offer increased security benefits compared to automatic swing gates. If you want your yard space maximized, sliding gates are the better option. You don’t have to worry about providing a substantial space to be able to open your gate properly. You garden or landscape may be affected if you need to sacrifice some space as swing gates require.

This is also obviously the better choice if you have a sloping driveway. Because of this, sliding gates tend to be more functional. Even industrial facilities make automatic sliding gates their choice.

Why Automate Gates?

With many tough manual locking devices on the market, why go the extra mile and have your locks automated? Is it really worth the investment?

Intruders have more chances of successfully breaking into your property if you only have manual locks. Automatic locks are designed to provide more solid protection against intrusion, such as limiting access to authorized individuals only. Both residential and commercial property owners can benefit, knowing that they can keep tabs better on who goes in and out of their premises.

If you also have a beautifully-designed automatic gate, whether swing or slide, your property’s value will likely increase, giving you a higher investment return when you decide to sell it in the future.

Considering all of these, we can all say that automatic gates are absolutely worth the investment. Safety shouldn’t be downplayed, so we should always be open for the opportunities that can promote and increase it.

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