Primary Design Elements for an Exceptional Patio in Commercial Spaces

Nobody wants to spend the whole day indoors. This has seen the rise of outdoor living structures in residential structures. Outdoor living and its benefits do not have to end at home. You can boost your employees’ morale by investing in an outdoor space for your commercial building. The best choice, in this case, is a patio. The patio will not only suffice for lunch and tea breaks but can also be used to host meetings.

Patios in the workplace mean more than simple roofs and walls. Go the extra mile and invest in insulated roof panels by a Brisbane-based company. These roofs are designed to make your outdoor space usable all-year-round and boost the comfort of those who use it. You can complement the roof with other areas shaded using awnings, pergolas, umbrellas, and sails. Other than the right roofing, the following are the other design elements you should include to make your commercial patio a hit among your employees:

Water features

You can set your patio apart from the rest of your surroundings with water features. These range from large fountains to small trickling features. The soothing sound of the water and the view will make your patio a perfect relaxation spot. Studies have proven the tranquil sound of flowing water to have a relaxing effect on overestimated brains. The patio can thus be the best place for workers to unwind and start over after a hard day.


Man trying to sneak in a house

Passers-by can become a constant nuisance when relaxing on a patio. To give your employees and guests some level of privacy on the patio, invest in some privacy features, natural plants can be used to screen the patio. The best options are tall evergreens like arborvitae and juniper. You can also opt for stand-alone or retaining walls made of brick, wood, stone, or a combination of all these.  Have green climbing plants along the walls to soften their look and make your patio look natural.

Landscape lighting

Shorter days do not have to mean a non-functional patio. You can install landscape lighting in strategic points around your patio. These will boost the ambiance, security, and safety of your patio. Energy-efficient outdoor LED lights hanging from trees around your patio and the sides of your building might suffice for landscape lighting. You can also invest in path lights for the route leading to your patio.


Your patio will be barely functional without some seats. Instead of a basic bench, install comfortable cushioned seats to make the patio somewhere people will want to spend their time in. Either way, ensure the seating options you choose are practical in relation to your employee numbers and patio space.

With the above design elements, upgrading your patio into an inspiring, relaxing, and inviting space will be made quite easy when handled by a professional contractor. With the enjoyment of the sunlight on your patio, your employees will lower their risk of hypertension, enhance their immune systems, and improve their sleep qualities. This guarantees they give their best selves and input to your work.

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