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Small Business Ideas for 2020

Do you have some funds you’d like to invest in a new business venture? You have a lot of options for small businesses. But which one do you choose? You’ll want a business that will be profitable for a long time and has the potential to become an even bigger venture in the future. And since we’re talking about small businesses, you’ll want to invest a relatively low amount of cash. Here are some ideas that hit these goals.

Automotive Paint Spray Booths

If you love working with vehicles, this type of business might appeal to you. When a car’s body is scratched or dented, owners can have it patched up and resprayed so that it looks good again. A paint spray booth controls the environment where the respraying happens. Workers don’t have to worry about ventilation, dust particles, and contaminants. Thus, they can focus on making a vehicle look good as new.

Automotive paint spray booths for sale contain a range of vehicles—from cars to trucks. So this type of business can cater not only to private car owners but also to corporations with cars that need unique logos and colors for their official vehicles.

Portable Electric Back Massagers

Plenty of people lead sedentary lives—most of them because they work in front of a computer 8-9 hours (or more) each workday. So back pain is rampant among many people as well. All of them want some form of relief from the pain, as evidenced by 246,000 keyword searches each month for “back pain.”

One of the best ways to minimize the symptoms of back pain is to get a massage from a professional masseuse. But not everyone can afford to get a regular professional massage. Here’s where you can provide a valuable service to many people.

Portable electric back massagers are a thing. These gadgets have mechanical knobs that knead the back and provide soothing warmth for better muscle relaxation. They can be conveniently placed around your ergonomic chair or car seat.

These massagers were at thetop of many Christmas lists last year. But their convenience, coupled with their price, will only make them more popular items in the future—regardless of the season. So sales are looking suitable for this product.

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Reusable Bags and Eco-friendly Products

More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious. There is a worldwide trend to reduce waste, especially plastic waste. In recent years, sales for reusable bags and straws have increased dramatically. Even coffee shop giant, Starbucks, plans to phase out plastic straws this year in favor of a more sustainable type of packaging

wnYou don’t have to buy a Starbucks franchise to get in on this trend. You can source reusable bags, straws, tumblers, and other eco-friendly products and market them through sustainable networks.

Food Truck

A physical store can eat up a lot of a business’s budget. This is why food trucks have become a viable alternative for entrepreneurs, especially those who are their ventures. Food trucks come with the necessary equipment to deliver high-quality food.

But you don’t have to pay monthly rentals to deliver your product. Plus, you can always move your business to where the customers are. Food trucks are booming in the food industry. They serve a wide range of products, from ice cream to gourmet food.

We’ve covered several industries: automobiles, health, and sustainable living. Of course, there are more. Which one will you invest your money in this year?

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