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Budget-friendly Ways to Revamp Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your personal oasis. But keeping it fresh and interesting can be difficult if you’re on a budget. Here are simple ways you can freshen up your bedroom without breaking the bank.

Repaint your walls

Giving your walls a new paint job is a relatively cheap project. You can easily purchase a gallon of paint, rollers, brushes and other painting tools from your local hardware store for less than $100.

The wall colors you choose have a direct impact on the mood of your space. Neutral colors such as ivory, gray, and white are classic choices for a bedroom. Peaceful pastels such as lavender, soft green, and pale blue can help you feel more relaxed and rested. Meanwhile, bold and bright colors such as red and orange can keep you alert and energetic.

Replace your bedside lamp


Bedside lamps not only provide the right lighting for reading, they can also lift your spirits and lend a stylish touch to your bedroom. When shopping for lamps, make sure it matches the current theme. You don’t want a lamp that sticks out like an eyesore just because it does not suit your room’s style. The lamp’s size should also fit the scale of the bedroom and the height of your bedside table.

Alternatively, you can just retain your lampbase and match it with a statement lampshade. Choose a brighter color, a bold pattern or an interesting texture that still suits the overall vibe of the room.

You can also exchange your bedside lighting with strategically-positioned wall lights perfect for limited spaces. Wall lights provide ambient light and increase a bedroom’s visual appeal.

Change your curtains

From airy fabrics to rich velvets, curtains are a fabulous way to turn a drab bedroom into a dreamy haven. When choosing curtains, it’s crucial to take note of the fabric before anything else. Sheer curtains can diffuse and filter light while still maintaining privacy. If you’re aiming for total bedroom darkness, blackout curtains are your best bet. According to window treatment experts in Florida, adding a black out roller shade with side channels highlights the softness and drama of drapery while still retaining total room darkness.

Thicker fabrics such as cotton and rich velvets can keep out the cold and insulate rooms with drafty windows. These heavy curtains provide extra privacy and can block out external noise and light.

Add greenery

Bring a breath of fresh air into your bedroom with a potted plant or two. Leafy greens can purify the air by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. Plants can also reduce indoor noise levels by absorbing sound. Best of all, research shows that interaction with indoor foliage plants has stress-reducing effects. Plants can sharpen focus and positively affect your autonomic nervous system by suppressing sympathetic activity that’s often triggered when a subject is in proximity to a stressor.

There are several cost-effective ways to achieve your ideal bedroom. You can even explore smaller local stores, secondhand shops, and even flea markets for unique home finds. With enough creativity and resourcefulness, you can give your room the much-needed makeover it deserves.

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