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Considering Real Estate? Here are a Few Careers You Can Choose From

Among the many sectors that contribute to the country’s Gross Domestic Product or GDP, real estate is one of the most robust there is. Given the most recent £1,662 billion revenue contributed to the economy, it looks as if it’s going to stay that way for quite a long time.

A factor that is affected by the industry’s continued success is employment. With real estate booming as it is, it has become a melting pot of career opportunities for those who are interested in working with houses and other commercial structures.

Do you want to go into real estate? Here are professionals that are known for their contribution to the industry.

Real Estate Agents

Estate Agents in Stratford and other parts of the country and the world are the known professionals in this line of business. Their primary responsibility is to cater to their clients’ needs, whether the client wants to sell or purchase a property.

If a client is selling, estate agents can help set the price of the property by recommending an expert appraiser to walk the length of the property. As for those hoping to buy, they can trust their chosen estate agent to take note of their wants and needs and look into the market to find the perfect home or something close to it.

Estate agents usually earn their keep through commissions. It’s been cited that beginners to the game make around £15,000.

General Contractors

A group of highly skilled individuals is what it takes to accomplish any residential and commercial building projects. The person funding the project may take up the responsibility of hiring each person individually, but it’s more efficient to trust a general contractor to get the job done.

Aside from hiring subcontractors for every aspect of the build, the general contractor is also in charge of seeing to it that things run smoothly on- and off-site. That entails negotiation of a contract between client and contractor, as well as contractor and subcontractors. Moreover, their role as a contractor includes the management of the purchase of materials required to finish the build.

For example, when building a home, homeowners who employ contractors should expect said professionals to collaborate with the architect on the design of the house. Later on, they’ll hire plumbers, electricians, and other specialists to help with the construction.

The average salary made by a general contractor is around £47,000.

Home Stagers

couple with their new home

Several steps need to be taken when one endeavours to sell their property. It doesn’t matter if it’s classified as commercial or residential. In housing, open houses and private viewings can be done once the proper price tag has been attained with the help of an appraiser.

During these viewings, the home needs to look its best for every potential buyer. This feat can be accomplished by staging a home, which is the job of home stagers. Their main priority is to arrange the rooms of the house that allows buyers to see what they can do with every room.

They achieve this by using different aesthetic techniques to bring out the beauty of the home. At the same time, they create space to envision aspirations by removing and putting in furniture for design elements.

Unlike other professionals, home stagers make a profit by the hour. Their fees differ, but the minimum one can get as a home stager is £20 an hour.

With these professions, real estate will continue to flourish and contribute to the GDP. How about aiming to be one?

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