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7 Best Strategies To Avoid Garage Door Damage

When your garage door breaks, it usually comes as a surprise. Why? Because most of us don’t look at our garage door close enough to spot early signs of damage.

Garage doors don’t break all that much. But when they do, it’s often a significant inconvenience for you and a big risk for your home’s security. Therefore, it’s better to prevent your garage door from breaking down instead of waiting for the damage to take its toll.

Not sure how? Here are some of the best tips to prevent garage door damage:

1. Maintenance and inspection

Little to no maintenance and inspection on your garage door can lead to multiple problems in the long run. For example, your garage door openers or hinges can wear out, which can cause your garage door to malfunction as long as you neglect the problem.

Needless to say, a call to the best garage door specialist in Bluffdale, Utah, should be a regular affair from now on.

2. Replace worn parts

As mentioned above, ignoring worn parts can lead to worse problems as time goes on. Hence, if your garage door starts showing signs of wear (e.g. shuddering, creaking, getting stuck), replace the worn parts as soon as possible to get your garage door back in good working condition.

3. Clean your track regularly

The track of the garage door is designed to support the door and help it stay aligned while opening and clogaragesing. When the track is dirty and filled with debris, this can cause your garage door to get stuck, shake, or worse, break down entirely.

Remove dirt and debris from the track regularly using a brush or a vacuum cleaner. Then, make sure to lubricate it so the door can open and close smoothly.

4. Avoid substandard parts

When replacing parts on your garage door, avoid choosing low-quality products. Substandard parts may be cheap, but they are also more likely to break and malfunction sooner than usual. Choose quality parts instead that are meant to last longer and perform better than cheaper equivalents.

5. Don’t ignore dents

Dents on your garage door are not only visually unappealing, but they can also cause damage to the door itself. Firstly, irregular shapes can make it difficult for the door to open and close properly, making the machine work harder to stay aligned. And secondly, dents can expose some of the metal surfaces to moisture, which leaves the garage door more susceptible to corrosion and water damage.

6. Never leave things in the way

Don’t leave things in the way of your garage door. If you do this and the garage door opens or closes on something of significant size and weight, it can lead to dents or other worse damage.

7. Pay attention to cracks

If there are cracks in the foundation of your home that are causing a significant shift on your garage door, get a contractor to fix the problem immediately before your garage door bends or breaks off entirely.

Preventing garage door problems is easy if you know the common causes of damage. And with these prevention tips, you can rest assured that your garage door won’t be breaking anytime soon.

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