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Why the Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Gets Our Vote

A modern garage door opener should be quick, quiet and efficient. If you can afford the latest technology, then you must choose smartly. A new garage panel doors here in Cairns should open and close without any hassle. For that to happen, you’d need a belt drive.

It is an expensive type of garage door opener, but you will realise soon enough why you need not mind the cost.

Three options for you

Chain drive openers require attention. If they are not lubricated regularly, the door might get stuck on the way up. They may be affordable, but you might have to replace the component sooner than later. These openers make a ruckus as well, and the noise would be undeniable.

Meanwhile, screw drive openers respond poorly to temperature fluctuations. They may offer higher power and use fewer moving parts, but they are usually more expensive than belt drive openers. We are partial to the belt drives openers.

A device with high-quality parts would last for a long time. It works quietly and remains efficient even if you forget about it for a while. Any fully equipped home improvement store near you would have a belt drive on the shelves as they are readily available.

The belt drive – our best bet

Clean garageModern belt drive opener systems are made with steel-reinforced rubber or fibreglass. Some models use Kevlar polymer – a strong and heat-resistant material. You can rely on good quality belt drive openers to lift the garage door consistently, safely, and without delay.

You may have heard that the initial investment for a belt drive opener is higher than that of a standard screw drive mechanism. It is also true that you must prepare money for belt drive service should it become relevant.

Still, we place our bet on this type of opener because simply put, the pros overcome the cons. It’s the best possible choice you can make if your garage is part of the main house. With noise reduction features, there is no argument to belt drives being the best option for homes occupying a compact space.

Lastly, the belt drive mechanism has been known for speed, and many homeowners can attest to their reliability.

Maintenance notes on the belt-drive opener mechanism

Perhaps expense is unavoidable when it is time to replace a worn-out belt that has served your family well for years. A high-quality part would cost a bit more than a less reliable counterpart. This is to be expected. Yet, if you ask any garage door repair staff, they would say it is easier and quicker to replace a belt than a heavy chain or lengthy screw.

You can save money on lubricant as well as belt drives would have no need for them.

Modern belt drive garage opener mechanisms can be operated with a smartphone app. Once you reach your street, you can drive up towards the garage, and the door opens for you with the press of a button. Anyone nearby would not be bothered by the movement since the opener is very quiet.

If you are almost late for dinner, you need not waste any time. The door opens for you and closes behind you in a jiffy all because you have chosen a high-quality belt-drive.

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