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Your Quick Guide to Holding a Green Funeral

Holding an environmentally friendly or “green” funeral can be a good way to leave the world. It is a method that many environmentalists go for. It is likely to become a trend, especially now that more and more people are conscious of what is happening to the world and are finding ways to save Mother Earth. If you are thinking about the future and are already planning for what is yet to come, you may consider holding a green funeral for yourself. You may think that it is complicated, but it is not, especially now that many suppliers support this cause.

There are more than a few ways you can hold a green funeral. And the methods and the strategies depend on how you want to hold your wake, your budget, and the considerations of your family. If you are looking to make the steps much easier, here are some of the pointers to keep in mind as you plan your very own eco-friendly funeral.

Be clear with your intentions

If you want to hold a green funeral, you need to make sure that your family understands what it is. If they do not understand what it is, they will not be able to implement and execute your plan. One way of making this clear is by coming up with a provision in your will; specify there how you will want to be buried or cremated. You can even leave the contact numbers of the possible suppliers that will help you. More importantly, you may want to get a pre-need plan that also offers green funerals.

Know your suppliers

Many funeral planners and suppliers offer green funeral services. On the surface, they may seem to offer the most practical solutions. But be wary, as some of them only use the “green strategy” to make money even without implementing the green funeral practices. As such, you may want to find suppliers that offer such services. You can talk to some families who have gone for a green funeral for their loved ones.

Pick the right coffin

old lady choosing a coffinSometimes, the coffin is a consideration that is overlooked by many. However, the choice of coffin contributes a lot to your green funeral. Many expensive coffins come from trees whose species are endangered. You should go for alternatives, which often include bamboo, cardboard, and even leaves. After all, coffins are among the things that should also decompose.

Reconsider flowers

Sending flowers to the bereaved is a gesture that shows someone cares. But you can go against this common practice. Instead, you can request people to donate to your chosen charity instead of giving you flowers. Make sure that the charity you have selected has environmental goals that will help save Mother Nature.

A green goodbye is something that people should consider, especially if they care a lot about Mother Earth. This should not be a difficult endeavour, as you can prepare for it. Many providers and suppliers are willing to help you with your cause.

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