5 Telling Signs Your Car Needs Windshield Replacement

In the United States alone, windshield replacement is one of the most common insurance claims, with 30% of auto insurance going to new windshields. Windshield safety is important, as it provides the utmost protection for drivers and passengers in case of accidents. While it safeguards passengers from external elements, it also offers structural support for your car. But how do you know when you need a new one?

Here are some signs you should watch out for before calling windshield replacement in Mesa, AZ or any other state:

1. Noticing White Haze Around the Edges

Windshields a commonly treated with polyvinyl butyral (PVB), a thin layer of plastic that prevents auto glass from shattering during a high-impact collision. This is a crucial safety feature that you need to maintain. If you notice white haze surrounding the edges of the glass, it’s a sign that the PVB is beginning to come off. When this happens, you should have a professional windshield repair and replacement shop fix the problem.

2. If it Has Large Scratches, Chips, and Cracks

Small chips, scratches, and cracks can still be fixed without windshield replacement. However, if the damage is more than one inch in diameter, it can only get worse. Over time, rain and dirt seep into the crack, making the glass harder to seal. If this is the case, professional auto glass technicians recommend windshield replacement to prevent further damage.

3. When You See Heavy Windshield Pitting

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Windshield pitting naturally occurs overtime, and it’s caused by different factors such as rain and sleet, frequent driving in sandy or dusty roads, extreme temperature changes, and exposure to chemical contaminants in roadways.

Heavy pitting scatters reflected light and greatly reduces your visibility, which increases your risk of getting into accidents. It causes glare that can blind you while driving through a busy street. If you think you have this problem, you should schedule your windshield replacement in Mesa, AZ soon.

4. If You Have Internal Glass Damage

If you have a relatively old vehicle, check for damage inside the glass. Run your fingers along the windshield from inside the car to feel any cracks or raised edges. Damage from inside the glass generally cannot be repaired, unlike external cracks. The only way to fix it is to get your windshield replaced.

5. Your Windshield May Not Be Properly Installed

Sometimes, it’s possible to have a poorly installed car windshield. The ABC News program 20/20 investigated windshield safety and found car technicians neglecting to wear gloves during installation. This makes glass adhesive bond poorly with the car.

Another problem is the failure to use proper bonding agents like a primer. To check if your windshield was not correctly installed, examine the molding to make sure it’s straight. Though this is hard to detect, loose fittings or visible adhesives can be a sign of poor installation.

Knowing the right signs will help you determine if your car is due for auto glass replacement. Having high-quality auto glass is crucial for passenger safety, and can surely save your life.


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