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What to Look For: Signs You’re Working with the Wrong Real Estate Agent

Buying a real estate property is a big undertaking. The tasks that may come with it can be overwhelming, from securing a loan to closing the deal. So you need to work with a real estate agent who will help you navigate the entire process. They know the ins and outs of the industry, and they serve as the bridge between you and the property developer or seller. They should provide you with advice that will help you make an informed decision.

But not all real estate agents are the same. Some may land a decent and reliable one, while others are unlucky. When a real estate agent is showing hints of incompetence, it would be wise to find another one. Otherwise, you may experience delays in purchasing the property you want. Whether you are buying a land for sale in the suburbs of West Melbourne or a condominium unit in the CBD, here are some of the things that will tell you that you are working with the wrong agent:

They are not always confident with their answers.

As a property buyer, you will have a lot of questions. These questions will help you validate concerns and narrow down your options. The real estate agent should provide you with comprehensive answers that are easy to understand. If your real estate agent is not always confident with their answers, this could mean they lack the knowledge for the job, or they do not know what they are selling.

They do not communicate well.

Real estate agents are not like doctors and nurses who are on-call professionals. But they must be prompt when it comes to answering your questions, whether via email or text messaging. They should be able to manage the flow of the conversation. More importantly, real estate agents should be good listeners. They will not be able to provide you with excellent and relevant answers if they do not listen to you properly.

They can be domineering.

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You need a confident a real estate agent who can give you proper advice. But some professionals are very pushy and domineering. Condescending professionals are also tough to work with. When you look for a professional, go for someone who is understanding — someone who listens well.

They do not look professional.

In the business of real estate, marketing is everything. It may sound quite judgmental, but it can be quite hard to trust an agent who is not professional with the way they conduct business. Watch the way they dress and speak. Do they demonstrate a good knowledge of the product? Do they look neat at the very least?

Buying a big-ticket asset, such as a real estate property, can be quite complicated at times. You will need the guidance of an expert you can trust. And because you want to make everything fast and efficient, you must gauge the reliability of your agent from the get-go. Set initial meetings before hiring an agent. This way, you prevent switching from agent to another too often throughout the process of home buying.

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