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Vertical Gardening Project: Grow More in Less Space

You really can’t beat the benefits of gardening, especially at a time when the virus is pummeling America like crazy. Who would think years before that going out to have a drink and enjoy would be a luxury we can’t afford to enjoy during the pandemic? Who would think that children who we may have driven to school years before can no longer see these places of learning even when the school year is officially started? All that misery, however, that every one of us has encountered may be soothed by the act of tending to a garden.

To boot, we’re talking about stress reduction. A study in Sweden has confirmed this. The more people ventured into their gardens, the lesser their stress incidents become. What’s more, a garden can also do wonders for people suffering from mental health issues and those who are recovering from a grave illness or an untoward accident.

Small wonder Victory Gardens sprouted all over America and Great Britain during World War II. It became an outlet and a mode of sustenance.

Knowing all this, you might want to go out into your backyard and start tilling the land. Before you even begin, know that there’s more to gardening than just using the horizontal area of the ground. Making the most of your vertical space to achieve a wonderful sea of greens is worth your while, especially if you’re in the city. Here’s why.

Enhanced Visual Appeal

Right from the onset, know that vertical gardening is an ingenious way to make the most of the vertical space to grow plants. Its goal is to maximize your crop production if you’re a farmer or to increase your planting area if you’re a garden aficionado.

Not only does vertical gardening give you greater yield per area, but also it can boost the aesthetics of your outdoor space. For one, these vertical planes can help you add layers, bring more color, and create a stunning dimension in your garden room. In short, it widens the aesthetic possibilities for your garden room design ideas.

Even better, you can bring vertical gardening to just about every space in the house to bring about better visual appeal. Done right, vertical gardening can add a stunning dimension to your patio or veranda. You can employ plant cages, window boxes, and decorative garden stakes to make your vertical set-up a reality.

Moreover, you can make the most of a trellis or a lean-to to let unsightly objects and ugly areas fade into the background.

Better Accessibility

potted plants

There’s tons of difference between tending to a horizontal garden on the ground to growing a vertical garden. Top of that list is better access to your plants. So when it comes to fertilizing, pruning, and watering, you can easily do that with a vertical set of plants.

In addition, it’s a lot easier to pick fruits come harvesting time. As it’s a lot easier for you to access the plant itself, you free yourself of one perennial issue in gardening: back pains.

Healthier Plants

Growing vertically also benefits your plants more. Better access to air circulation as they are off the levels of the ground means fewer diseases and lesser pests. You really don’t want tomatoes with worms when you cut them.

Even better, you expand the surface exposure of your plants to sunlight. That spells better access to needed nutrients that these plants will need over time. In the long run, you get heavier, better produce.

Maximized Space

If you’re tight on space, going vertical can provide the solution you need to expand your growing space. That translates to a better source of fresh air for you if you put the plants on the inside. Think of your plants as a natural air purifier. Should you want to make the most of fresh air, here’s a slew of plants you can choose from to do just that.

It also frees up space for you. By maximizing your vertical space, you can use your horizontal space for other pursuits. Such is definitely a reality when you’re living in New York City, for instance, where you could be living in a one-room apartment that’s as space-starved as its parking spaces.

Also, you get to add more plants when you explore vertical gardening. It can certainly help you expand your gardening variety without having to spend so much on space expansion. Moreover, you can choose vertical plants such as a pumpkin which can be designed to grow up for this purpose, and reserve the horizontal space for other plant species.

With vertical gardening, you get more plants to soothe and sustain you while at the same time get more space to satisfy you. In any book on the planet, it’s a win-win.

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