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Useful Tips on How to Deal with an Old Car

Cars dominate the roads all over the world. This is because people have been making cars for more than a hundred years now. With all of that production, it is not surprising that there are many old cars out there sitting unused, either because they’re broken now or the owner has a better car.

Leaving a car alone is a big waste. Here are a few things that you can do with the car to get full value out of it:

Sell for Scrap

One of the options that first come to mind is to sell the car for scrap metal or other parts. Personally, the decision to scrap my old car was a tough one but considering that I had already bought it secondhand, there was no way it was going to be an attractive purchase on the market. However, selling a car for scrap is not as easy as it sounds.

Most sellers just go to a junkyard and sell the entire car. That is a big mistake. If you are scrapping the car, you’ll want to extract maximum value out of it. That means you will want to take all of the still working parts in a car. Mechanical parts are surprisingly durable and many people are looking for individual car parts. By the time you are done, you should have the chassis and some remnants left. The scrap metal from the chassis can be worth quite a bit and your local junkyard would be happy to pay for it.

Make a Donation

If your old car is still functional, then you may want to donate it to someone or to a group. Cars are always in demand and if the car is in pretty good condition, donating it can be a good choice. Note that this choice does have an advantage. You can deduct the donation from your taxes. However, you will need to be sure that the car is still working well. You don’t want to donate a junker that will cost a lot to maintain. At least make sure that the car can still be driven for a decent distance, even if it can’t do a long-distance run.

Trade It In

“Old” can be a relative statement. Cars actually become old quite fast. Five-year-old cars are already considered obsolete considering the pace of technology. If your car works pretty well and you need a new one, you can trade in your old car with a local dealer for a deduction on the purchase price of a new car. There are several sellers who allow for this and they can be a great help in getting a new ride.

The important thing to remember when trading in a car is that you need to bargain with the seller. They’ll be wanting to lower the price of your old car so that you end up paying more. Be aware of how much your car is worth to be sure you are getting a good deal.

Put It Up for Sale

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Finally, if you really need the cash, selling your car is a good idea. Just go online and see comparative prices so that you can sell it for a fair price. Don’t expect to get full price, though. Any offer of 75 to 80 percent can be a good price for any old car. Remember that the older a car, the cheaper it is unless it is a collector’s item.

Cars still hold a lot of value even if they can’t run anymore. This is especially so for some older cars. If you’re thinking of ways to get money, then cars can be the source of the cash you need. The tips above should provide you with great ways to get the full value out of your old car.

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