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Types of Attachments for Excavators

Excavators are the most commonly used heavy equipment in the construction industry. With the help of different attachments, the excavator can perform a wide range of tasks. From digging, transporting, and drilling, this machine can be used for landscaping, demolition, and road construction.

What is an excavator?

An excavator is a hydraulic machine used in construction mainly used for digging holes, foundations, and trenches. It is more powerful and efficient than any other diesel-powered heavy construction equipment.

Because they are versatile, they come in different sizes: standard, midi, and mini. Standard excavators are used for bulk transportation and heavy lifting. Midi excavators are used for heavy workloads in an isolated area. Mini excavators are compact, making them great for smaller job areas that require trench-digging, stump removal, and light demolition.

However, it is not only used in the construction industry but also in forestry and mining as the excavator is quite versatile. If given the right attachments, this machine can be used for demolition, dredging rivers, handling materials, and lifting. There are excavator attachments for sale in Australia to find what you need for any job you face:

Excavator bucket attachment

The excavator bucket attachment is a container used for handling and transferring bulk materials. This is the most common attachment with its teeth-like edges. It’s best for scooping, digging, and grading stones. There are a variety of sizes for excavator bucket attachments to fit all kinds of excavators.

Rock breaker attachment

The rock breaker attachment is used to break concrete, rock, or asphalt. Sometimes called a hydraulic hammer attachment, this is like a larger jackhammer. It is used for road repairs, demolitions, landscaping, and trenching. It breaks hard surfaces with the use of 1,000 pounds of impact energy.

Auger attachment

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The auger attachment drill holes in the ground to make way for pipes and poles. It uses hydraulic circuits with varying specifications, functions, and sizes. The kind of auger to be chosen should depend on the digging conditions and terrains. This attachment is used for road repairs, subdivision, and gas or water installations.

Clamp attachment

The clamp attachment is used for debris and materials that are too large for a bucket attachment by picking them up. It can work for tree stumps, concrete, and boulders that could not fit a bucket. It can also scoop loose objects while cleaning up the area, which is why it is used for soil, sand, and dirt. It is used for landscaping, road repairs, and recycling.

Coupler attachment

The coupler attachment makes it easier for operators to change from one attachment to another. It usually needs less manpower because efficient models only require operators to handle a few parts. It can be likened to an adaptor to connect the excavator and the attachment.

If you’re in the general construction industry, owning an excavator is one of the essential equipment you could have. In addition to this, its attachments are also a must-have to increase the functionality of this heavy equipment. Also, take note of the different sizes of excavators to know which one is needed for the job site.

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