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Turning Your Roof Deck into a Social Space

Roof decks provide an ideal hideout for enjoying cool evenings. Private roof decks will be an envy of your neighborhood whenever the weather is okay. However, adding a new roof deck to an existing property needs a lot of thought. A successful roof deck should be accessible from the interior living space via a staircase. If you consider adding a roof deck into your home, the following ideas can come in handy.

Use capped polymer decker instead of wood.

Rooftops are typically exposed to all kinds of elements. The roof has to endure the impact of rain, snow, slate, UV, wind, and rays. If you want your roof deck to last for long, use capped polymer boards instead of wood. The boards will withstand weathering, warping, splinters, and buckling when exposed to elements. Besides, polymer material will help your deck stay for up to 30 degrees cooler than the composite products. It guarantees that during warm or hot days, you will enjoy cooler evenings in your deck.

Use the right lighting.

You can set the right mood by lighting the nightly stays in your roof deck. You can opt for permanent lighting that enables you to extend your daytime drinks into evening fun times with friends and family. For inspiration, check these images of roof deck lighting. When installing lights, keep the fowling tips in mind:

  • Install suitable outdoor roof bulbs and fixtures. Roof deck waterproofing is necessary to protect your bulbs.
  • Use outdoor-rated extension rated as ideal for outdoor use. Check the packaging for the ratings.
  • Install a fast-acting circuit breaker that helps you cut off power in case of ground failure.

Use the right deck furniture.

You can transform your roof deck into an ample outdoor space with the right choice of furniture. When choosing the roof deck’s furniture, go for the options that hold up to precipitation, airborne debris, and direct sunlight. The furniture should be rated as ideal for outdoor use. They should also be fade- and stain-resistant and easy to clean. Some of the best furniture material to consider include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Powder-coated aluminum
  • Recycled plastics, marine-grade polymers and resins

Throw in a pergola.

Photo of luxury garden furniture at the patio

A roof deck that appeals naturally features a rooftop that allows you to enjoy unobscured bright skies and bold views. However, to avoid direct sunlight, consider using a pergola. The pergola guarantees you get the right amount of shade without taking away the immense experience that comes with sunbathing. The pergolas also come with unique designs that help you make a bold statement and enhance your outdoor space’s overall feel.

Use houseplants.

The right home plants will undoubtedly brighten your roof deck living space. You can use the rooftop deck flowers to create more privacy. The plants will block undesirable views from your neighbors. It will also help block unsightly views like those from electric cords go for plants that thrive well in direct sunlight.

Now you have all the information on how to turn your roof deck into a desirable living space. Go on and try some of these great ideas. Should you need help implementing any of the ideas discussed here, you can always ask for help.

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