Tidbits on the D’s of Waterproof Roof Decks

Almost everyone knows the different roofing material types, including wood, metal, and asphalt, among others. There is nonetheless a new roofing material that is a bit different from the rest. This is waterproof roof decking. Though it is mostly one of the prevalent roofing materials that have been waterproofed, it has a quality not found in other roofing alternatives. It makes your roof walkable. This means that it will not only protect its underlying structure but also act as your property’s deck membrane.

For those intent on residential or commercial flat roofing in Midland, Michigan, waterproof decking is the best choice. When picking this roofing alternative, several principles will determine the performance and longevity of your assembly and the overall building envelope. Keep these principles in mind by remembering the five Ds below.


This denotes how well your roof controls surface water. Deflection is affected by your roof’s slope, diverters, and drip edges. When your roof is well-pitched, water flows away from the roof and into the gutters. When installing a flat roof, however, surface water will be controlled by the installation of scuppers, roof drains, and gutters. Waterproofed diverters are also installed on the roof deck to deflect water from the critical sections of your roof, like its transitions.


This denotes the tolerance of your roofing material and assembly to moisture, chemicals, foot traffic, and environmental conditions. Modern waterproofed roofing membranes can last for 15-20 years depending on the environment. Your roofing will only last as long as it should when used with the right tapes, adhesives, sealants, perimeter fasteners, and flashing.


This principle denotes the features of your roof assembly that speed up the drying of its moisture-laden materials. Drying in flat roofs can be hastened with the installation of venting along their air spaces as well as a rain screen assembly. Venting of the walkways and balconies on a roof with a closed ceiling or soffit is also essential for the adequate drying of your roofing membrane.


This denotes the workmanship used for the installation of your roofing to guarantee an aesthetically appealing and watertight assembly. Proper detailing mostly achieved by professional roof installation is essential to the durability and optimal performance of walkable roofs. Moreover, some manufacturers void the warranty of your roof if it is installed by anyone other than a roofing specialist.


Roof deck

This is a relatively new detail in waterproofed roofing. Deconstructible roofing systems are designed to reduce the repair and replacement costs of damaged sections of your roof. They allow the removal of only the damaged section of your roof with minimum destruction to the other parts. Some manufacturers also allow the recycling of the deconstructed material.

The above principles will only work for a waterproofed roofing membrane when considered as a whole. Flat roofs will cost far less to construct than pitched ones. However, you could end up spending more in terms of repairs if the initial installation was not done properly. Base your choice of a waterproofed membrane on the above principles to ensure the durability and performance of your flat roof.

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