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Things to Remember When Caring for a Terminally Ill Loved One

Dealing with an unexpected or untimely death of a loved one is a difficult time for the family. But some would say that the news of a family member being terminally-ill and only expected to live for a short period to time is a lot more to take in. There’s a lot of pressure to make the most out of your loved one’s remaining days, and your family also has to deal with legal papers (specifically estate planning documents such as wills, trusts, and such) and even funeral preparations of a person who’s still alive.

Yes, it’s a lot to take in, so here are things you’d want to keep in mind that can help guide your family and your loved one through this period:

Make and Grant A Wish List

Ask your loved one if there are things they’d want to do or places they’d like to visit. Perhaps your loved one would want to have a reunion and meet all his or her close friends and close relatives. If budget is a constraint, you can find ways such as setting up a video conference call between your loved one and the people he or she would have wanted to meet and talk to in person. Remember that your loved one’s time is limited, so try and make it the best days of his or her life.

Meet Their Needs, Make Them Comfortable

Your terminally-ill loved one may have a hard time doing everyday activities due to failing health or may require special needs. If your family can’t put off work and no one’s available to take care of your ailing family member, try and contact an in-home care franchise business and hire a private caregiver. Alternatively, you can also opt for in-home hospice care that can provide not only physical support but also spiritual and emotional support to your ill loved one. If your loved one is confined at the hospital, try to find ways to have him/her go home and have them live their last days surrounded by family. If not, try to always have a family member or at least a private caregiver or hospice take care of your ailing loved one on your family’s behalf.

Take Care of All The Legal Matters

sick man holding his last will and testament

It’s important to keep your loved one’s legal affairs in order. SO it’s best to hire a lawyer to guide you and your family through all the legal matters that need to be taken care of such as the persons’ will, living trusts, DNR order, power of attorney (and power of attorney for health care). All these would help avoid any conflicts and issues with regards to the health and funeral arrangements, as well as prevent any fighting among family members when it comes to who receives which estate from the deceased.


Yes, it’s important to have a person’s affairs in order and take all the necessary preparations. But the most important part of caring for a family member that’s terminally-ill is to make sure that your family and the aforementioned family member makes the most out of his or her final days. Provide all the comfort and support that you and your family can provide. Besides, you can always have a lawyer take care of all the legal stuff and preparations so you can take the time to focus on what matters more.

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