The First Things House Guests Notice When Visiting Your Home

House guests can liven up the atmosphere with their laughter and hilarious stories. Celebrations feel more fun and exciting if you have a few people come over to your place. But before you invite guests, you need to make sure that your home is clean and presentable. Those who have never gone to your place will probably notice a few stuff in your property. Unfortunately, not all of them will tell you if ever they see something that is not too pleasing to the eye.

You, for instance, probably cannot help but notice some little things when visiting somebody's house, too. You might think that these are only small things, but you cannot deny the fact that you are taken aback for a brief moment. This scenario can also happen when other people come over your place. So, make sure that every nook and cranny of your home is free from anything that could turn off your guests.

House smell

The moment guests enter your doors, the first thing they will notice is the smell of your house. If your home smells of coffee or a homemade pie, then you are all good. Your visitors should not smell any bad odour from your property. Make sure the trash is already taken care of before they arrive. Inspect every corner of your house to ensure that nothing smelly will welcome your guests.


Sweep, scrub, and mop your floors. Guests, especially those who love staring at their feet while doing nothing, will eventually notice your floors. They will remember how clean or dirty your floors are, so make sure you take care of it before they arrive.


You might not expect it, but house guests use the bathroom more often than you think. As a result, they will notice if your tiles are too dirty or your toilet seat is too old. If you have an old property and you have not made any renovation in the past, this might be the perfect time to do it. You can reach out to professional bathroom fitters in Hamilton to help you fix and redesign your bathroom as soon as possible.

House bathroom


A sock on the floor, disarranged books, crumpled papers on the table — this clutter will get noticed by your visitors. You need to get rid of unnecessary things to avoid a messy-looking home. Make sure to arrange the appliance and furniture, as well.

If you will observe, the first things that house guests notice are the cleanliness and orderliness of your home. Next, they observe how everything is designed or arranged. They might not check out all parts of your property, but it is better to ensure that you make everything as clean and presentable as you can.

Keep in mind that maintaining your home is not just for visitors. It is also for you and your family. So, you need to be prepared whether you will be having guests over or not. Your home should remain clean, comfortable, and clutter-free.

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