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Moving Up: A Guide to Adding a Second Floor

When you have limited space in your property, it can be difficult to expand your home. But there is a smart option for those who want more space in their homes: build a second floor. Here are some useful tips that can guide you in the right direction:

Check If It is Possible

Having a second floor to your house has some requirements. For one, there is the legal side of things. Some building zones require a permit if you want to build a house over a certain height. Check with the local government on any necessary paperwork before doing any work.

Once you confirm that you can build your house up, then you will need to perform a thorough inspection. The important things that need checking are the foundation and the walls. They should support the load of another floor.

Choose Between a Full and Partial Second Floor

When you find that it is possible, it is time to make a decision. You can either have a partial or full second floor. Partial second floors are usually a good idea for those who have small budgets or those with houses that have low load capacities. An additional room or two can still be useful, even if it is for storage or work. It can also be a step to expanding more in the future.

A full second floor is for those who want a major expansion in their home and have the money for it. But you might do something in between. Set up the structure of the full second floor but only finish the areas that you will be using. Save the remaining space for future development.

Call the Experts

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Now that you have an idea of what you want, you should call the experts to do the design and the actual work. For the design of the second floor, you’ll want an architect who will help maximize the space that you are getting. Other experts will be in charge of how the various systems like the electrical wiring and the plumbing will be laid out. Don’t forget to hire professional stair designing services so that you have a proper way to get into the second floor.

With the design is done, you should look for a good contractor. Ask for recommendations on who to hire and ask for someone with experience in building a second floor. If there are multiple options, request for quotes to see who has the best price available.

Be Ready to Stay Somewhere Else

One thing that most homeowners forget is that adding a second floor will usually force them to move out for some time. Have a place ready for a month or so. Before the construction, have any valuables stored away and have all your necessities ready at your temporary home.

Adding another floor to your home is a major move. You need to do it right or it might cause problems in the future. The tips above should help ensure that your second floor will turn out okay. You can even use the advice to go even higher in your building improvements.

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