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Should You Use a Window Backsplash in Your Kitchen?

A window backsplash is one of the unique ideas that should be more common than it is. Tile is hands down the most popular material for the panel behind the sink among Kansas and Missouri homeowners, for its aesthetics and ease of maintenance. But glass can be just as charming and as easy to clean, plus it offers a lot more.

Why a Window Backsplash Is a Smart Choice

  • Space – Any kitchen-remodeling expert will tell you that glass can help create an illusion of space. If you have limited real estate, the use of a see-through material can visually erase a portion of your wall and extend the gaze beyond the interior of your house.Of course, regular-sized windows will do a better job in this department, but a transparent backsplash can help make a cramped kitchen feel less claustrophobic. You would be surprised how much airy it would seem when you are not staring at an opaque surface by the sink.
  • Surveillance – A window backsplash naturally gives you a glimpse of the outside world. The view will connect your indoors to your outdoors, which can frame a beautiful panorama into a kitchen artwork.
  • From a security standpoint, a glass wall enables you to take a glance at your backyard. If you have kids playing there, it is much easier to multitask by doing the dishes and watching them at the same time.
  • Daylighting – You could take advantage of every opportunity to harness natural light. It is free and abundant. In a place where hazards are everywhere, and excellent visual performance is a must, the sun is an excellent tool to keep your kitchen bright.
  • Ventilation – A window backsplash does not have to be fixed. Irrespective of the size of the opening, the glass panel can be made conveniently movable to let fresh drafts in and push out moist indoor air when desired. A pair of two sliding units is perhaps the most feasible configuration.

Reasons Some Homeowners Might Be Apprehensive About a Window Backsplash

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  • Insulation – Glass might not be as energy-efficient as a solid wall. However, ENERGY STAR windows have excellent ratings to slow the transfer of heat effectively. The combination of low-emissivity coatings, an argon gas fill, and a warm-edger spacer will dramatically reduce the passage of infrared light through the glass.
  • Water Leakage – Legitimate window professionals know what it takes to seal glass units flawlessly. They understand the kind of caulk that works best for the weather prevalent during installation.
  • Privacy – If you are willing to sacrifice the ability to survey your outdoor space with a window backsplash, you can enjoy a healthy sense of privacy with translucent glass. This obscures the view but still allows the light in.
  • Style Restriction – Tile always makes a better subject for an art project than glass, but it does not mean a window can’t have a distinctive personality. With so many frame colors and grille patterns to choose from, your glass backsplash can be as fashionable as the rest of your kitchen.

A window backsplash might work for every kitchen design, but you should not rule out the idea. If it is consistent with the concept of the kitchen you envision, you would never regret it.

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