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Pointers for Renovating Your Living Room

Aside from the kitchen and dining room, the living room is the most social place in any house in Salt Lake City. It’s where you hang out with your family, entertain guests, and more. These reasons are enough to merit your living room a much-deserved update, or if you have the budget, a complete renovation project.

Whether it’s a quick renovation or complete overhaul, enhance your living room with these tips:

Update the Floor

Hardwood floors are the best choice for any living room. Adding a statement rug with subtle colors will make the floor even more stunning. Contact a flooring contractor in Salt Lake City to freshen up your living room floor again. If you already have hardwood flooring, avoid covering it with a vast carpet. Let its beauty shine by keeping it clean all the time.

Add Texture and Patterns

The living room is not a space to nurse boredom. Add patterns to your living space by installing curtains, and using pillowcases with beautiful colors and patterns. Large prints and different shapes also add texture to any bland design.

Be Bold

If you’re not into texture and patterns, you can add bold colors to your furniture and furnishings. A brightly colored sofa or accent chair can do the trick.

Change the Coffee Table

small living room with a coffee table

Create an organized look in your living room by updating your coffee table. Pick a table that will echo the colors of your throw pillows and curtains or those of your sofa and windows.

If you’re too attached to your coffee table, you can still create a cohesive look by updating its centerpieces, which will reflect the color and finishes in your living room.

Display Your Memories

Walls are not just meant for artwork, and memories of your family are not reserved only for the console table or mantle. Put your photos in frames and display them on the living room wall. Pick a unique or weird picture that can become a conversation starter for when visitors come to your house.

You can also frame souvenirs like concert or movie tickets, playbills, or a costume that your child wore to a school play. If you want a uniform look, choose frames with the same color. You can also mix it up with frames in a variety of sizes.

Add Stylish Storage

Update your living room with stylish storage pieces. Shelves are not just for books. You can store magazines, documents, office supplies, and even toys in stylish baskets and jars and then artfully display them in bookcases.

If you want to use shelves exclusively for books, don’t stack them to the brim. Other books with different decors such as vases, potted plants, souvenirs from a long-ago trip, or anything that will make your bookcase look stylish.

Maximizing the use of bookcases can also add floor space to your living room. If there’s clutter all around, your space won’t be so inviting anymore.

Do you want some changes in your living room, but you’re not ready for a total overhaul? Try these suggestions. You can swap one idea for another to personalize the look of your living room.

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