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Organization Ideas for a Winter-Ready Garage

Winter is coming, and this means that you will need to get some stuff tucked away in your garage and some out of it for the winter season. Plan ahead for efficient and easy access to these things by ensuring that your garage is in shipshape now and for the coming months ahead.

Here are some easy tips to optimize and organize your garage for winter weather like a pro.

Advance Planning is Key

Before moving, taking out items, or putting more stuff in your garage, evaluate your space first. You need to figure out exactly what you want to do with the area and then organize your garage to suit your specific needs.

Assess the Garage Floor

Make sure to check the condition of your garage floor at least a month before winter arrives in Utah. Your garage epoxy coated floor in your Utah home may need resealing so you will also need to figure out how to clear things that are on the floor.

Having a new layer of epoxy will also help keep moisture off your floor and keep it looking great for longer.

Work Those Walls

Check out your walls to see how you can better optimize all the available space. Aside from keeping your garage floor free of clutter, you’ll also gain more space for your vehicles. You can opt for a wall track system for hanging shovels and other frequently used tools.

For bulkier and heavier items, consider deep shelves with metal stiffeners.

Work the Ceiling, Too

Are running out space to put all the many things that you simply must store in your garage? Look up and try to figure out how to optimize your ceiling for storage. You can look into overheard storage that you can mount on the ceiling and place your skis, bikes, etc. there.

This can serve as a dedicated space for keeping things from tipping over and clearing the floor.

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Build a Dedicated Gear Closet

This is basically a closet used for storing all sports gear or equipment exclusively. If you have the space, you can build this in a room that you can access from your garage directly. This closet should have lots of open storage and shelving so that you can easily load and unload stuff to and from your vehicle.

Stock Up on Salt and Sand

Choose tilt-out hampers or sliding wire baskets for easy access and storage of salt and sand. This way, they’re protected from moisture and water all throughout the winter.

Consider Installing Battery-Powered LED Lights

While you can’t exactly predict when a winter storm will be powerful enough to cut off your power, you can prepare for the worst-case scenario. LED lights powered by batteries, and preferably activated by motion, will help you easily find all the supplies you’ll need.

This is in case of a blackout and can be installed inside closets and drawers, or under cabinets.

Follow the practical tips above to organize your garage and ensure that it’s winter-ready. An organized and functional garage can safely store everything you need and don’t need for the winter months so that you can breeze through your errands and chores with ease and efficiency.

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