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Life as a Tenant: Does It Make Sense to Renovate Your Place?

Many people end up living in a house that does not necessarily meet their requirements. One may dream of having a better kitchen, a more luxurious bathroom, or even a loft inside the house. All these can be great home improvement projects especially if you have the resources to spare.

But what if you are still a renter? Should you renovate the house you are renting or not?

To Renovate or Not

In 2019 alone, there were about 43 million rental units occupied by tenants. Most renters would not dare renovate their rental since this is essentially investing in a property that they are only temporarily paying for. But when does it make sense to renovate?

The first thing you need to consider is your reason for renovating. If you want to renovate because there are some due repairs that need immediate action, make sure you tell your landlord first. Most landlords are in charge of the maintenance and repairs especially if you are not the one at fault for the damages.

If your landlord fails to get the necessary repairs done and you incurred injuries because of their negligence, you have the right to sue them. It is best to hire an attorney specializing in P.I. or personal injury to help you file a personal injury claim. They can help you get the necessary compensation for the injuries you sustained.

Depending on your contract, they may allow you to make certain renovations. But if you renovate and this is against your lease agreement, you can end up paying your landlord for compensation. This is since they did not allow the renovation in the first place.

Rules to Live by if You Want to Renovate as a Renter

Get a Written Consent

If you really want to make some renovations to make your rental your home, start with your landlord’s consent. You may feel all pumped up for getting their verbal yes. But for your peace of mind, get their consent in writing.

Include in the agreement the list of projects you wish to tackle. If you are planning on painting the walls, including the color and types of paint you plan on using. Also, indicate if you are going to DIY the projects or not.

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Plan to DIY or Not

If you plan on major renovation projects, it will be best to hire local contractors. You can ask your landlord for their recommendations. Chances are, they already know the best professionals for the job.

If you have the skills to DIY and the time to take on the project, then you can consider doing the project yourself. Just make sure you have the right tools needed to work on the improvements. If not, consider asking your landlord if they can let you borrow their tools.

Prioritize Your Projects

Let’s say you want to do more than a single project. Prioritize the projects according to your needs. Then, start with the smallest one and work your way up.

For instance, you are really into renovating the bedroom. You want new a set of furniture, brand-new floors, new wall paint, etc. You can start clearing the room and painting the walls first to avoid getting paint all over your belongings.

Go for Non-permanent Changes

Even if your landlord agreed to your renovation project, the safest way to renovate is to go for non-permanent projects. These are a lot easier to carry out and won’t cause much damage to your rental. This will make it easier for you to return the property to its original state.

If you are really into a new wall color, opt for wallpapers instead. You can find wallpapers in different colors and designs. The best part is that you can buy cheap wallpapers that will give you more buffer for your other projects.

Are you afraid to ruin your walls with holes? Then go for command hooks. These can be sturdy enough to hold some weight like lightweight curtain rods, picture frames, and even your keys and jewelry.

There are times when you want to build a wall just to make a division in a room. Instead of building an actual wall, you can use a divider instead. You can make a DIY one to partition a room or buy one from a thrift store.

You may want to tear down a wall to make a room look and feel bigger. But one way to simplify your life is to invest in a floor-to-ceiling wall and lean it against a wall. This can help you reflect more natural light inside the room, create the illusion of more space, and give yourself a nice mirror to inspire you to dress up more often.

There are times when a rental renovation can be a great idea. But no matter the circumstance, make sure you are ready to make the investment. It is also a must that you get your landlord’s approval to avoid future repercussions. Renovate with a purpose and only do so if you are set on staying for the long term.

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