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Building a Safe Community: Working Toward a Crime and Accident-free Neighborhood

In this period of economic distress, people have become more concerned about the impending threats of crime and violence within their communities. The truth is, any form of crime can find its way even in the safest neighborhoods. As a result, safety has become a major necessity in any community. Homeowners now face the challenge of preventing crime issues and violence.

Aside from dealing with crime issues, parents have become worried about the safety of their families. Gone are the days when children can freely run around the neighborhood in the middle of the night. The last thing parents want to happen is to hire a personal injury attorney for their children. But all these things can be avoided if not for the lacking close-knit relationship among members of the community.

Even though no neighborhood is safe from crime and violence, working together as a community can make a big difference to minimize threats to community safety. There are plenty of ways to become a vigilant citizen while keeping you, your family, and your neighbors safe. Here is a three-point plan for reducing crime and preserving safety in a neighborhood.

Installing a security system

One of the tried-and-tested ways for crime prevention in a community is to install a proper home security system. But before installing one, make sure to share that information throughout the neighborhood. There are plenty of reasons why sharing tips about security systems is beneficial.

First, knowing a home comes equipped with a security system helps establish a secure reputation for the neighborhood and hopefully prevent potential criminal acts and suspicious activities. Second, if an alarm system proved useful for your home, there is a chance your neighbors will follow through by installing a similar system. Strength comes in numbers. So the more neighbors will install security equipment, the more secure the community will be.

When buying security systems and safety cameras, take advantage of affordable and effective sensor technologies to build a stronger home security system. There has been a recent trend among homeowners installing doorbell cameras and cooperating with the police to prevent crimes in the neighborhood. You can also evaluate the home’s interior and exterior parts to ensure possible entrances remain inaccessible from intruders.

Aside from alarm systems, you can also install solid entry doors, high-security locks, warning stickers, and brighter outdoor lights with motion detectors. For the exterior, replace creaky windows and trim thick trees and bushes to minimize potential hiding places.

Establishing rapport with the community

Getting to know the community members will build better relationships, but it can help you recognize every stranger and suspicious person lurking around the neighborhood. You can do this by familiarizing yourself with the neighbors’ habits and members of each family. Remember that having awareness makes a community tighter with a lesser crime.

Start by joining the town watch, but if the community doesn’t have one, establish a neighborhood watch by encouraging members to join. It will help you stay in tune with regular neighborhood activity while keeping the homes and streets safe from criminal activities.

When criminals recognize a well-marked community with security systems signs and town watch, they will think twice when planning to commit a crime. In fact, academic research on crime prevention associated neighborhood watch on reducing crime by enhancing social control, reducing crime opportunities, and increasing surveillance.

When it comes to violence, this is a great time to educate children about preventing bullying and promoting confidence in solving problems peacefully instead of hurting each other. You can also teach them lessons on following safe ways to help others, leading by good examples, and taking action when someone gets hurt.

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Cooperating with local police networks

Aside from building rapport with neighbors, make sure to get the local police involved during community events. Establish rapport by knowing them and what they do. As you build trust with law enforcement members, it will be easier to raise concerns effectively about the community and build harmonious relationships.

You can also work with them about crime trends in the area by knowing suspicious scenarios and reporting them to the police. This way, you can understand the potential warning signs of imminent crime.

Improving the safety of a neighborhood requires a team effort. That is why it needs to begin within yourself. Extending efforts to preserve a safe community can help you secure your family, including everyone around you. Following the tips above will lead the path to establish a safe community for the neighborhood.

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