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Landscape Care: Keeping Animals from Ruining Your Yard

Many homeowners make the effort to improve their yard through landscaping. However, it doesn’t stay in a good condition without proper care. And part of it is making sure that no one and nothing comes to destroy it. Even more common than human trespassers are animals. Don’t wait until it’s too late and prevent them from further entry.

Install Fencing

A simple way of keeping both unwanted people and animals away is installing fencing around your property. One with tall fence panels of metal can be a good choice, as well as one that’s made of stone. The more opaque, the better, especially if you’re dealing with those who like jumping. It also pays to use wire mesh that extends to under the ground when it comes to digging animals. Also, if you have food crops, you can also put mesh around them so that they will be protected from being eaten.

Get to Know Your Pests

Different areas and plants attract varying species of animals, so it’s best if you get to know which ones frequent your yard. Aside from actually observing them, you can also tell from the tracks and droppings that they leave behind. Once you know which kinds of animals approach your yard, you can then devise countermeasures against them. For example, if you’re dealing with burrowing animals, you can stop them from digging under your barriers by extending them downward. For those that jump, you can extend it upward to a height that they can’t clear.

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Plant Unattractive Species

Many animals come to ruin your yard and garden because it has plants that they consider food. For example, if you have vegetables such as cabbage, you can expect them to be eaten at some point by either rodents or insects. Thankfully, there are plant species that are either not normally considered for eating or are just plain unpleasant. Examples of these are herbs such as lavender and catmint, as well as spices such as garlic and chili peppers. You can put them in your yard as a sort of soft barrier for your main greenery.

Spread Deterrents

Speaking of deterrents, there are a number of other natural substances that can discourage animals from getting near your yard. For example, if you don’t mind the smell and you’re not growing plants for food, you can spread urine to keep them away. Of course, you can also resort to your hair or dogs’ as well. There are other chemicals that you can use, including vinegar and ammonia. No matter what you use, the goal is to make them smell something that they don’t like or will make them think that there are predators nearby.

Animals are an important part of our ecosystems, so you wouldn’t really want to kill them indiscriminately. If they can be discouraged from entering your property and destroying it, you can get closer to living in harmony with them. Besides, it’s not just the ones from outside that you have to watch out for. Your own pets can also do damage, and it’s your responsibility as someone who knows better to keep them out of trouble and danger.

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