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It’s Time for Proper Sofa Care, If You Please

The sofa is looking a bit dejected lately. You may feel a lump on the sofa or see something that upsets its even contour. Perhaps you have been sitting on the same spot every time you occupy it. The uneven and saggy look of your trusty furniture could be a consequence of people jumping on it, and sleeping on it!

A shabby sofa would not do, especially if you have house guests coming in soon. What should you do (or not do) to treat it gently and keep it looking as good as new?

Regular sofa maintenance

A properly maintained sofa does not have stains or unpleasant odours. Of all the furniture in the living room, it’s probably the one that requires the most attention. Have you been giving your sofa the attention it deserves?

Vacuuming the sofa more often would remove dirt and debris from the fibres of the covering. Since you vacuum the carpet regularly, you must extend the habit to the sofa as well. When you do remove the cushions and be meticulous about it.

Before vacuuming the filth, you could not see remove the car keys, small toys, and food particles first. Count on it. A thorough and regular cleaning would keep the sofa from ageing prematurely. Moreover, realise that indoor pollutants could be damaging the furniture as well.

It’ll be beneficial for all if they can smoke outside and make sure the kitchen is equipped, so that smoke from cooking is not retained indoors.

Protection for your furniture


It goes without saying that sleeping on the sofa and jumping into it with filthy clothes are not allowed. These are habits you must endeavour to lose if you want to keep it in good shape for many years to come. It may also be helpful if you can set aside money to purchase something to protect your fabric sofa in your Singapore home.

The upholstery could use an additional buffer from the daily abuse it receives. If you cannot help but sit on that one spot, and if sleeping on the sofa has become a daily habit at nap time, then do something to keep dirt off the fabric and upholstery.

Advanced protection

Furniture stores offer novel products to protect the upholstery. Ask for a protective spray and enquire about stain guards as well. In many households, soiling furniture is part of the daily routine. Having kids, pets, and messy adults hovering around all day would eventually result in spillage.

To maintain a sofa’s great looks, you can use a stain guard. The best products allow for easy and complete removal of most stains when an accident occurs. It should be easy to find the right stain guard or protective spray for the type of material covering your sofa.

Choose a specific product instead of something generic.

Spilt red wine and a pet’s leavings could ruin a proper couch. You can protect the sofa that you treasure in many ways. Change a few ruinous habits and take a proactive stance in couch protection.

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