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Increase the Curb Appeal of Your House

Are you planning to sell your house in Salt Lake City soon? Potential buyers see your house’s facade first. It sets the stage for first impressions. If your house creates a good impression, then you’ll have better chances of attracting potential buyers.

Here are some ways to boost your house’s curb appeal:

Keep it Green

Keep your lawn mowed and tidy. Add plants and flowers. Invest in some planters or install window boxes. Accentuate key points like doors and windows with greenery.

Invest in some landscaping if you have the budget for it.

Keep Your Walkway Well-defined

Nothing can be more inviting than a well-designed path. Line the path with greenery. Put some stones or bricks to make it pop and add some dimension to it. Install some light fixtures to make it more interesting.

Use a Bold Color for Your Front Door

Make your front door pop. In a sea of browns and whites, go for a bold color that enhances your house’s overall paint swatch. Try a red or blue door against white walls. Or, paint your door green if your walls are blue.

Fix Your Garage Door

The garage encompasses practically a third of this facade. So, it’s vital that your garage door enhances the aesthetic feel of the whole house and adds to the charm of its exterior.

If something is wrong—the door is malfunctioning, has a big dent, or if off its tracks—then get a professional for some garage door repair ASAP. You wouldn’t want potential buyers to turn back just because of a broken garage door.

Do Minor Repairs

Since we’re already talking about repair, take care of minor things like repainting or changing bulbs that don’t need professional help. Take a quick survey of your house and note the repairs you can do.

Of course, if you see big damages that are beyond your carpentry skills, engage the services of professionals.

Create Symmetrical Patterns

Symmetry is always pleasing to the eye. Put matching planters or lights on either side of the front door or the garage door to achieve a symmetrical look. If your house has several steps going to the porch, line both sides of the steps with planters or trimmed shrubbery.

Keep Everything Clean and Tidy

Clear out debris from the lawn. Scrub your front porch. Clean the gutters. Keep everything sparkling.

If you can, power wash all of the exteriors of your house, from the walkway to the driveway to the porch and the siding. If you don’t have a power wash machine, inquire where you can rent one from a supply depot.

You’ll be surprised at how attractive your house can be if you do some deep cleaning.

Hide Unsightly Fixtures


No want likes seeing electrical boxes or wiring on the front of a house. You can easily hide these with some paint job. At least you’ll be able to camouflage them.

Use Furniture Strategically

Don’t clutter your porch with too much furniture. Aim for a good balance between comfort and class.

Two chairs, a small table, and a planter will be enough for a small porch. You can add a small couch or a swing if the porch is a bit bigger.

Take a tour of your house outside and note the aspects that need to be changed. Do you need some landscaping done? Probably a professional’s help for a garage door repair service?

Boosting your house’s curb appeal will be a major project. If you want to sell your house soon, you better start planning on how to tackle all the tasks. But always remember that the result will be worth it when you sell your house at a good price.

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