How to Organize Your Kitchen

Anyone who frequently uses the kitchen at home knows how difficult it is to keep one clean and well-maintained. Even eating a simple family dinner can create a mess of dishes that need washing and storing. With the sheer number of items that we have in our kitchens, it can be so tempting to put off having to clean and organize the place every so often.

This is why it is best to devise a system of organizing and storing the items in your kitchen. This way, cleaning up will be made much easier, and you will have much less to worry about. Furthermore, it will also save you a lot of time when you are setting the table or preparing a meal, as you know where to find everything you need. Hence, it is no surprise that in urban and suburban residences in areas like Salt Lake City, people are increasingly taking towards having their kitchens organized from the very start.

Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your kitchen organized:

Remove clutter from your cabinets

A good number of times, the reason we have a mess to deal with is that we simply have too many items, to begin with, particularly those that get stored in cabinets. Thus, it is helpful to limit your items only to the things you need. This means getting rid of expired items and the extra utensils that you never really bring out anyway.

Getting rid of the clutter not only frees up space and makes it easier for you to store and get things when needed, but it also brings out the beauty of your cabinets and drawers. If they are stuffed to the brim, you will hesitate to open them, and the mess inside detracts from their design. A neat, minimalist look will definitely highlight the aesthetic quality of your kitchen.

Sort and categorize your kitchen items

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If you are looking for a spoon in a sea of utensils, not only are you going to have a hard time, but you will also be creating a huge mess. If you want to organize and clean up your kitchen, you would need to sort and categorize the items.

There are plenty of ways to do this. Obviously, the easiest would be to group together all the same items and store them separately from others. Some may choose to have fun and color coordinate certain items to add an aesthetic appeal. It is even possible to make use of items such as baskets and corrals to group your items together.

Try using labeled containers

Storing bottles and containers of different sizes can lead to quite a mess, especially as you try to pick out which one you are looking for. When it comes to food items like salt, sugar, and herbs, it is best to store them in small glass containers that you have labeled. The same is true for powdered items like flour and hot chocolate, as storing these in half-opened packaging can lead to a large mess, not to mention lead them to become dry and hard.

Use cabinet and refrigerator doors

To add a little bit of life to your kitchen, you could use the doors of elevated cabinets and refrigerators to hold a cork board or whiteboard, where you can pin and note down important information. You could also add hooks to hang keys and measuring spoons, so they do not end up scattered anywhere in your kitchen.

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