Furniture Picking Guidelines for Your Pediatric Waiting Room

If opening a medical practice that centers on kids’ health is your choice, you need to aim for the best possible look at your office to guarantee your clients and their parents are impressed — especially with the competition to build trust among clients nowadays. One area you should focus on is design — specifically the waiting room. This will be the first place on where everyone will make an impression of your facility.

For an exceptional look, hire a designer well-versed in doctor’s office interior design. People think any designer can comfortably handle the design of their medical practice. There are nonetheless several aspects that designing a medical office should center on to guarantee the comfort and well being of your employees and clients that not all designers will handle. An ideal waiting room for your pediatric clients takes more than a few toys. The following are some guidelines for picking the perfect furniture pieces for your waiting room.

Get Pint-Sized Furniture

Unfortunately for children, most things are built to accommodate adults. A waiting room full of big chairs and tables will feel intimidating for kids and are therefore unwelcoming, only causing further dread toward visiting to your office. The ideal choice for making your patients feel at ease is providing furniture that will fit the kids. Pint-sized furniture pieces are the ideal choices for making even the youngest and smallest of your clients feel welcome.

Use Different Types of Seating

You should not just stick to chairs for your waiting room seating. Include reception benches, ottomans, and couches for the room. You should also have loveseat style couches to allow kids to sit next to their parents and keep them under control and occupied. A mix of seating options will meet the needs of everyone in your waiting room. You should also incorporate fun shapes for the seating to keep the kids intrigued and relaxed.

Get Soft Fabrics and Colors

In most cases, medical facility waiting rooms come in drab colors that have a sterile and clinical look. Though these are cost-efficient options, they will not create a child-friendly waiting room. Add some color for a happy and welcoming environment for your clients and their parents. You should also aim for chairs covered in a soft material to make them safe for kids. Fabric-covered furniture also absorbs sound and thus makes the room comfortable even with kids playing and bouncing around.

Have a Few Large Pieces to Delineate Zones

Adolescents would not want to be in the same room as screaming kids. It is thus prudent to get a few large furniture pieces to outline the areas of your waiting room for different patients. This way, kids will feel more at ease and even interact with their agemates, thus alleviating their anxiety.

With the ideas above handled by a knowledgeable interior designer, your medical facility will be the go-to choice for pediatric patients in your neighborhood. Safety is an essential element when picking your waiting room furniture. The edges should, for instance, be rounded to avoid injuring kids who are running around the waiting area.

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