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Apartment Makeover: Making the Unit Ready for the Next Tenant

Renting out apartments and condominium units is one of the best ways to earn money using real estate properties. Going into this business, however, also means building harmonious relationships with your tenants. You are also required to please them and make sure that their needs as occupants are met. There are also some nuances to navigate, especially when it comes to collecting payments and imposing penalties should the tenant damage the property. These can be stressful at first, but you have to remember that you are doing this to earn money and protect yourself as a landlord. Maybe your tenant’s contract has ended, and there is already another one anticipating your unit. Your first goal here is to make sure that your apartment is ready for the next tenant.

You may ask how you should be doing it. If you are a seasoned landlord, you already have an idea of how to do things. But if this is your first time to rent out properties, there are some pointers that you should keep in mind to make sure that the next tenant will be happy. Remember that a happy tenant is one of the indicators that your business is doing great. Here are some tips:

Clean and renovate

This is among the cardinal rules that you should not be forgetting. Before you conduct spring cleaning, you ought to figure out if there are major issues when it comes to the most used parts of the home. For one, check if there are plumbing issues or if the electric lines have problems. You might also want to see if the insulation system is functioning properly. Once you address all these issues, proceed with the spring cleaning. If the previous tenants have left some things, contact them if they will still need them. Otherwise, throw these things away.

Expand the space

The next possible tenant may feel happy when they realize that the property they are renting is much bigger than what they have seen. You may perform expansion and similar renovation project before renting the property out. You may expand the living room by adjusting the walls and frames. This project may take some time, especially if you have a large apartment and the frames are difficult to remove. Nevertheless, it pays that you seek the help of a reliable framing contractor in Utah. Some of these providers actually have an idea of how to conduct apartment renovations and tenant finishing.

Read the lease term again

Close up of lease agreement empty document with pen

When all the necessary changes are made and things already in place, it is time to review the lease term. There may be some changes you might want to apply given the economic condition and the real estate climate in your state. If you want to add new fees, state them explicitly in the contract.

Making your tenant happy is one of the objectives that you should fulfill if you want to succeed in the property rental business. If you are keen on getting new business, make sure that the next tenant who will occupy your apartment will experience your topnotch services.

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